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  • NamoAmituofo
    Mar 2, 2006
      TheDailyEnlightenment.comWeekly 02.03.06

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      Possessing much won't necessarily make one satisfied;
      Possessing little won't necessarily make one want.

      - Venerable Shengyen

      The Accidental Black Nose Buddha
      The Right & Wrong Way to Reform a Thief
      When an Empty Cup is Better than a Full One
      What is Your Mission in Life?
      Do the Good Guys Always "Finish" First?
      Moonpointer : 15 New Offerings (02 March)
      Movie-Dharma : "The Constant Gardener" in the Garden of Life

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      Realisation: Are We Caught in the "Matrix" of Dreams?

      Since a real dream can be like life, isn't real life like a dream? - stonepeace

      An interesting dialogue with a TDE reader...

      Q: Are we dreaming?
      A: The fact that we can "wake up" more to reality as we progress spiritually shows that we are indeed dreaming to some extent right now. Spiritual cultivation then is a process of breaking through layers of dream-like illusions with practice and perfection of factors such as mindfulness and insight - till we come face to face with the fullness of reality.

      Your every move, your every thought, word deed - are they controlled by your mind? When we think of them, are we really thinking or just dreaming?
      A: If our thoughts, words and deeds are not controlled by our mind, what can they be controlled by? Anyway, our mind is usually defined as that which controls our thoughts, words and deeds, not anything else. If our thoughts, words and deeds are controlled by something other than the mind, which we cannot control, then there is no need to bother about doing anything right or wrong. Surely, this does not makes sense! Our delusions then, which are mind-made, mind-sustained and can be mind-eliminated, are that which "control" us negatively - but only as much as we allow them to. When we are thinking of our thoughts, words and deeds, we are of course thinking - but in a manner as dream-like as we are spiritually dreamy or deluded. Once again, this is where spiritual cultivation comes in - so that we can awaken more and more, and break free from our delusions.

      Q: I may be dreaming at this instance while I am typing, but from my eyes' point of view, I am not. You may be listening but subconsciously you might be dreaming. You can never say it is right or wrong?
      But since I know I am unenlightened, I know I am indeed "dreaming" to some extent! This can't be wrong. In the words of Stonepeace, "With this moment awake, awake more to this moment." Even as we dreamt before and awoke later, we will definitely awaken from this dream of Samsara. Because no dream lasts forever, even if for a long time, and because we dream only as long as we are not awake. Spiritual cultivation is the only means to awaken, and diligence the only means to awaken faster. Let's do just that! 
      - Shen Shi'an

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      Review: 4 Responses to "Why Are You Freezing in a Freezer?" 
      Excerpt: How to Overcome Sleepiness?

      When drowsy, do you need to sleep or awake more?
      When drowsy, do you need the pillow or the meditation cushion more?

      Q: I feel sleepy a great deal. It makes it hard to meditate.

       There are many ways to overcome sleepiness. If you are sitting in the dark, move to a lighted place. Open your eyes. Get up and wash your face or take a bath. If you are sleepy, change postures. Walk a lot. Walk backwards. The fear of running into things will keep you awake. If this fails, stand still, clear the mind and imagine it is full daylight. Or sit on the edge of a high cliff or deep well. You won’t dare sleep! If nothing works, then just go to sleep. Lay down carefully and try to be aware until the moment you fall asleep. Then as you awaken, get right up. Don’t look at the clock or roll over. Start mindfulness from the moment you awaken.

      If you find yourself sleepy everyday, try to eat less. Examine yourself. As soon as five more spoonfuls will make you full, stop. Then take water until just properly full. Go and sit. Watch your sleepiness and hunger. You must learn to balance your eating. As your practice goes on you will feel naturally more energetic and eat less. But you must adjust yourself. - Ajahn Chah

      - Living Buddhist Masters (Jack Kornfield)