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41001.03.14 : What Really Matters | Brief Introduction To Pure Land | Relativity Of Space & Time In Buddhism | Brownice: A Vegan Ice Cream Paradise!

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  • NamoAmituofo
    Feb 28, 2014

      The Daily Enlightenment
       Quote: What Really Matters

      What really matters
      is what you do
      right now.

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       Realisation: A Brief Introduction To Pure Land


      All Buddhas, who are mindful of all beings from thought to thought, urge and invite all beings to be mindful of Amituofo from thought to thought.

      – Stonepeace

      (From the new TDE Press Book: 'The Faith Factor: The Treatise On Ten Doubts About Pure Land') There are immeasurable beings, who have perfected their compassion and wisdom, having become Buddhas, with Śākyamuni Buddha being one of them. With immeasurable compassion and wisdom, they would naturally create spiritual schools (Pure Lands) to better guide us to become Buddhas like them. With immeasurable compassion and wisdom, they too would, together, most highly recommend a particular Pure Land to best inspire us – Amitābha Buddha's (Amituofo) Western Pure Land Of Ultimate Bliss is the one.

      All teachings of Śākyamuni Buddha are for guiding us to the True Happiness of Buddhahood. Among them, the Pure Land teachings are especially skilful and precious, as they will be the longest-lasting feasible path to liberation. Thus, among thousands of Buddhas mentioned, Amituofo is the one whom Śākyamuni Buddha spoke the most of. His name represents the immeasurable light of his great compassion and wisdom, and the immeasurable life of his great meritorious virtues, as manifested in his magnificent Pure Land. Interconnected with every other Pure Land, it is truly the finest representation of all Buddhas' focused compassion and wisdom.

      Since most of us will yet to attain liberation by the end of this life, still being subject to rebirth, it makes perfect sense to seek the best place possible, to further our progress towards Buddhahood. In Amituofo's Pure Land, there are absolutely no distractions from this purpose, only with all kinds of superb expedient means for spiritual advancement in the swiftest ways possible. Unlimited time is also offered there, thus instantly transcending the otherwise indefinite rounds of rebirth. In terms of advantage, as Śākyamuni Buddha taught, even the most splendid worldly heavens cannot compare.... Continue here


      If there are beings who hear this teaching,
      they should vow to be born in that land.

      – 佛说阿弥陀经
         The Sūtra In Which The Buddha Speaks Of Amitā Buddha 
         (Amitābha Sūtra)

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       Excerpt: Relativity Of Space & Time In Buddhism

      Time is measurement of change,
      and timeless is Buddhahood,
      which once attained is unchanging.

      – Stonepeace | Get Books

      As I understand it, the most important implication of Einstein's theory of relativity is that notions of space, time and mass cannot be seen as absolutes, existing in themselves as permanent, unchanging substances or entities. Space is not an independent, three-dimensional domain, and time is not a separate entity; rather they coexist as a four-dimensional continuum of space-time'. In a nutshell, Einstein's special theory of relativity implies that, while the speed of light is invariable, there is no absolute, privileged frame of reference, and everything, including space and time, is ultimately relative. This is a truly remarkable revelation.

      In the Buddhist philosophical world, the concept of time as relative is not alien. Before the second century CE, the Sautrantika school argued against the notion of time as absolute. Dividing the temporal process into the past, present and future, the Sautrantikas demonstrated the interdependance of the three and argued for theuntenability of any notion any notion of independently real past, present and future. They showed that time cannot be conceived as an intrinsically real entity existing independently of temporal phenomena but must be understood as a set of relations among temporal phenomena. Apart from the temporal phenomena upon which we construct the concept of time, there is no real time that is somehow the grand vessel in which things and events occur, an absolute that has an existence of its own.

      These arguments for the relativity of time, subsequently develped by Nagarjuna, are primarily philosophical, but the fact remains that time has been perceived as relative in the Buddhist philosophical system for nearly two thousand years. Although I am told that some scientists view Einstein's four-dimensional space-time as a grand vessel with inherent existence in which events occur, for a Buddhist thinker familiar with Nagarjuna's arguments, Einstein's demonstration of the relativity of time, especially through his famous thought experiments, is extremely helpful in deepening the understanding of the relative nature of time.

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