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3Really Nothing Personal

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  • NamoAmituofo
    Nov 19, 2004
      TheDailyEnlightenment.comWeekly 19/11/04

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      Quote: Obstacle

      The obstacle is the path.

      -Zen Saying | pic:thirteen.org

      Obstacles do not end your path.
      They are the gems along the way,
      which enrich your journey and strengthen you.

      Every Moment is Life
      Cotton Candy World
      What Does the Wind Whisper? 
      Music Review: Do You Realize?

      Realisation: Play It Again, Sam(sara)!


      I tell her, who got sick of the new CD I kept playing, "Don't worry. I'm getting there - I just need to hear it a bit more - to get sick of it too - like you already are. I guess my interest-losing threshold is a little higher than yours. I'm not sure if this is good or bad news for either of us though. Please bear with it. I need to milk all that's worth from this CD - before I shelve it with my massive CD collection - so that I can forget how sick of it I got, so that I will savour it again someday, before I get sick of it and shelve it again."

      It struck me how senseless this was - the cycle of getting excited over something new or old, eventually losing interest, over and again. Cycle of like and dislike, this is oh so samsaric - how much nearer does it get me to True Happiness? The rise and fall of worldly happiness is dictated by the availability of sense pleasures we enslave ourselves to. I decided to make a list of things which condition my fleeting highs in everyday life. Of sight and sound, it's intelligent alternative movies and music? Of smell, it's my favourite aromatherapy scent? Of taste, it's Indian vegetarian food? Of touch, it's holding her hand? Of thought, it's any good book? Sure - enjoy! But don't cling to the moment - because it passes you by. The next moment will be different. Tricky balancing act indeed - but it can be done. In fact, only when you do not cling do you really enjoy anything - it gets you out of the loop of attachment and aversion. Since I know I crave too much, let me start putting brakes to seeking sensual gratification. I might not be able to jam the brakes right away, but I can try squeezing the brakes mindfully, gently. Hopefully, my worldly desires will come to a complete halt before the end of this life. A race against time with an invisible finishing line. If we do not master our cravings, we will only be puppeted by our sense desires in this life and the next.

      When the CD stopped, I decided not to replay or change it. I had forgotten the sweetness of busking in the sound of silence. "Pure music" to my ears! What are we without being hooked to our sensual stimulations? Free! Being free of wanting is real living. Almost instant meditation. Ahh... I taste contentment - that faint hint of the unconditioned flavour of liberation, with no artificial flavourings or bad aftertaste - a happiness so much more substantial than enjoying my favourite CD. To abide in contentment of the senses once and for all without craving ever arising again is actually an aspect of enlightenment itself! Are you ready? No need to climb and fall over endless cliffs of highs. No need to plummet off any. Start applying the brakes now?
      When you stop, you come home. -shian | pic:depechemode.com

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      Review of Last Issue: Response 1 & 2 : Offering Incense with Burnt Matches
      Excerpt: It's Really Nothing Personal

      I was talking with a woman recently who, after struggling all her life to come to terms with how she was treated as a child at the hands of neglectful, abusive parents, suddenly "got it" that what happened to her was not personal at all! This can sound outrageous until we see, as she did, that those two people would have treated ANY child as they treated her. They didn't treat her the way they did because she was who she was. They were too unconscious to have any idea who she was. That was the whole point - they barely knew she existed! For it to be personal it would have had to involve her and she realized it did not. How liberating. Now we're working to be liberated by the awareness that nothing except our own conditioning is doing anything to us.

      TDEditor: Nothing is personal; but sometimes we take everything personally.

      - Suffering is Optional: Three Keys to Freedom & Joy (Cheri Huber)
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      www.AwarenessPlace.com] pic:lydiashouse.org