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Re: Getting Started with Arduino and C

If you this was for Rich in New Ulm,Mn. Only danger if you do a U-turn in the midel of Hiway 100 at rush hour. Sent from my Boost phone.
Jul 3

Re: Getting Started with Arduino and C

Telling me about a robotics sale while I'm 2 blocks from microcenter is dangerous.   Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone ... From:
Jul 3

Re: Getting Started with Arduino and C

Rich, house cleaning at Micro Center. Microcenter.com, was there thur. Got raspberry pi B+ 35 dol and audreno micto chip for 4 dol. Lots of Robotic on
Jul 3

Re: Getting Started with Arduino and C

This is all hobby work, so no big critical things to worry about for me... As of now, I'll be sticking to figuring out Arduino programming, since the sheer
Richard Piotter
Jul 2

Re: Getting Started with Arduino and C

Hi Richard, It depends where you want to get to. I work mainly in C#.NET web applications, which is smaller companies. The larger companies like to do their
A Walsh
Jul 2

Re: Getting Started with Arduino and C

Richard, there are lots of good free resources out there especially with Khan Academy, Coursera, and others. One of my favorites to start people off on was
Chuck McManis
Jun 27

Getting Started with Arduino and C

Subject says it all. The only programming I have done in my life amounts to Commodore 64 and TR-80 BASIC, TI-82, 85, 92 TI-BASIC, and I have sorta slogged
Richard Piotter
Jun 26

Re: Twin Cities Robotics Group monthly meeting, Thursday, 18 June 20

Not me jeff.  I forgot about the meeting Sent on the new Sprint Network from my Samsung Galaxy S®4. -------- Original message -------- From:
Terry Schumacher
Jun 23

Printing a 3 D Printer

Here is an interesting thread about a guy printing his own 3 D Printer http://www.backyardaquaponics.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=24193&start=15
Bob Hassett
Jun 21

Re: Raspberry Pi 2

Hi Jeff, They also have 7" tablets (Winbook) that are running W8.1, with 1280x800 touchscreen, wifi, bluetooth, full size usb, uSD slot, uHDMI connector. For
bruce shapiro
Jun 20

Raspberry Pi 2

[I am resending this since it never went through] Microcenter now has the Raspberry Pi 2 for $29.99. You tell them at the checkout that you want one (or two,
Jeff Sampson
Jun 20

Looking for parts for adaptive-track wheelchair developed by college

My nephew from North Dakota sent me this info about a friend of his son’s. The student says: "Right now I am trying to find a gear motor to be used in the
John Eaton
Jun 19

Vision-aided Inertial Navigation

If anyone else is interested in Vision-aided Inertial Navigation, there is a presentation next Wednesday (6/24) at the University of Minnesota's Walter
Jun 19
John Eaton
Jun 18

Re: Twin Cities Robotics Group monthly meeting, Thursday, 18 June 20

Thanks for the update. I'm guessing "the other guy" was Terry. From: "esq37@... [tcrobots]" To: tcrobots@yahoogroups.com Sent:
Jeff Sampson
Jun 18
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