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Scannable - LiDAR you can trust - kickstarter project

A kickstarter LiDAR sensor: http://www.scannable.io/?utm_source=Newsletter+%2336&utm_campaign=Newsletter+%2336&utm_medium=email#secondPage -- Tom Baraniak Lab
Thomas R Baraniak
Feb 10

Re: Create-2 and Neato progress.

... I got the module from Getsurreal, but I probably shouldn't have. It looks like a Teensy, diode, resistor and a FET and that's it. All in a huge package.
Alan Kilian
Feb 9

Re: startup robotics at Big Lake High School

Jeff, thanks for the feed back. Some time ago I asked for that meeting and I never got an answer so I just forgot about it. Then I got an email that they want
Bob Hassett
Feb 8

Re: startup robotics at Big Lake High School

First, I saw your request about how to start a robotics program. But that was after your scheduled meeting time... My first thought was that you need to let
Feb 6

Re: startup robotics at Big Lake High School

Thanks for the ideas. We did talk about First and other types of competition challenges but the price tag is pretty steep. The principal, teacher and I all
Bob Hassett
Feb 6

Re: startup robotics at Big Lake High School

This may be a little more than you are looking for, but I am helping mentor a FIRST FRC robotics team at my local high school. This is my first year, so I am
Feb 5

RSOH 2.0 schedule for February

I will be hosting RSOH 2.0 at my place the following Friday's in February 5th,12th and the 26th.Please email me if you plan to attend or need directions.Terry
Terry Schumacher
Feb 4

startup robotics at Big Lake High School

Tomorrow at noon I’ll be visiting with the high school principal. One of the math teachers said his students want a robotics program. The district
Bob Hassett
Feb 4

YouTube presentation from last Minnesota Futurists group

Dr. Maria Gini from the University of Minnesota gave a presentation on the future of AI. I did not attend the meeting but one of the attendees recorded the
Jan 26

Next step down the Jetson/3Dcamera path

So it looks like if go here and do these
Jan 25

Why I am questioning my Ethernet speed [Was: What limits Ethernet sp

[The point clouds have nothing to do with the XV-11 sensor. The point clouds come from a Prime Sense 3D sensor (as described below). Or you can generate a
Jan 25

Re: What limits Ethernet speed?

Jeff, Can you describe the point cloud display a little more? Is it an X-11 program running on the Jetson displaying on your laptop or something else? Here's
Alan Kilian
Jan 25

Re: Big Dig Out

... We only got 4 inches, and it's between 35 and 45 during the day, so it's no biggie.
Alan Kilian
Jan 25

Big Dig Out

How is the snow in your area? Bob
Bob Hassett
Jan 25

What limits Ethernet speed?

If I have a Jetson board and an HP laptop that both have 1Gbit Ethernet, does it make much difference if they are running in 100Mbit or 1Gbit mode? I'm just
Jan 25
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