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What direction are people going to use ARM boards for ROS?

I recall HBRC group had decided to standardize on the Panda board for running ROS on a robot. But I noticed the Google Group traffic had dried up. I noticed
Jeff Sampson
4:41 PM

Resizing sdFlash card

I am loading 16GB flash cards. How can I can convert that down to fit on a 8GB card? This page gives instructions on how to expand the file system to fill a
Jeff Sampson
4:22 PM

My progress loading ROS on the new Raspberry Pi 2B

I didn't really want to down this road until somebody else posted that they had it working and they are getting reasonable results. I bought a board last
Jeff Sampson
3:20 PM

Getting the new Raspberry Pi 2B at Microcenter

I posted a message here: http://www.meetup.com/Minneapolis-Raspberry-Pi-Meetup/messages/boards/thread/48839348/#127890076 - Jeff
Jeff Sampson
2:42 PM

Re: Tiko 3Dprinter on Kick Starter

The Tiko project is live:https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1056329519/tiko-the-unibody-3d-printer?ref=nav_search The $99 printers sold out in about 5
Jeff Sampson
10:38 AM

Tiko 3Dprinter on Kick Starter

I got an email saying their Kick Start start Monday at 1:00PM Eastern. Nothing shows up yet. So either start searching at noon or check their Face Book
Jeff Sampson
10:10 PM

Re: Fw: Tiko is Coming!

I bought the DaVinci at MicroCenter when it was on sale in December for $400 (but only one cartridge) and it seems to work okay. It takes a lot less tweaking
Mar 24

Re: Fw: Tiko is Coming!

It looks like they want $179 for one. That's cheap. ... -- ... This email is free from viruses and malware because avast! Antivirus protection is active.
Brynn Rogers
Mar 23

Re: Fw: Tiko is Coming!

I don't know how much that is but I bought one of the XYZ 3Dprinting Da Vinci printers off newegg. Bundled with 7 cartridges and 3 day shipping for $490, Less
Mar 22

Fw: Tiko is Coming!

Here is a cheap 3D printer that will be on KickStarter. They had this here in town for a demo a few weeks ago at the North East hacker space. You can sign up
Jeff Sampson
Mar 22

Re: Puma 560 tiny robot arm

That sounds down right dangerous :-) On Fri, Mar 6, 2015 at 6:47 AM, Alan Kilian kilian@... [tcrobots]
Chuck McManis
Mar 16

Re: Fwd: Robot visit

I have done a number of robot demonstrations to schools like this. I usually do about a 45 min demonstration starting out with a simple robot that follows or
Rand Whillock
Mar 16

The Twin Cities Robotics Meetup group

I see the Twin Cities Robotics Meetup group has disappeared sometime in the last week. That was the group that I did so much complaining about. They had a
Jeff Sampson
Mar 15

Re: Fwd: Robot visit

Does anyone have a pic of the current table runner configuration? Thinking out loud, are there any components which we can use "scrap" to facilitate a working
Mar 6

Puma 560 tiny robot arm

I am now fully trained and can use without adult supervision the giant shop bot robot at the artisans asylum. So if you'd like me to make up a four by eight
Alan Kilian
Mar 6
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