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Re: Persist Mode -- ** Standards bug ??

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  • Matt Mathis
    I think we have conflicting standards.... although I agree with your recollection, I believe that strict never retract the window can not be implemented.
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 5, 2001
      I think we have conflicting standards.... although I agree with your
      recollection, I believe that strict "never retract the window" can not be
      implemented. Consider the following scenario:

      A connection negotiates TCP window scale (e.g. 3, so the window size is
      quantized in steps of 8 bytes).
      After running for awhile with a reasonable window, the receiver stops
      consuming data.
      The sender continues to send data, 1 byte at a time, progressively filling
      the window.
      Under these conditions the right edge of the window can not be maintained at a
      constant position in the sequence space. Following 7 consecutive data packets
      it will advance by one byte. On the 8th, it will retract by 7 bytes.
      (Alternatively, if the TCP rounds windows to MSS, the steps are MSS sized).

      Furthermore when the window finally closes all the way, it will always be due
      to a window retraction.

      If the TCP doesn't behave this way it will violate some other part of RFC1323
      or the base specifications. Therefore every TCP that implements 1323 violates
      rule 1 under some conditions.

      Furthermore any TCP requires strict adherence to rule 1 is broken.

      I believe that this is "well tested" in todays Internet (it happens all the
      time) but nobody has been looking for symptoms.

      Now a question for the readers: what might happen if this rule was formally
      retracted or amended?


      On Tue, 19 Jun 2001, Charles Esson wrote:

      > 1) Somewhere in the mile high stack of paper that represents the TCP standard
      > it says that the receiver is not allowed to reduce it's advertised window.
      > 2) Somewhere else it says the sender is not allowed to expect nice things if
      > it transmits past the advertised window.
      > If both conditions are met the receiver can't close his window before
      > in-flight packets are acked.
      > If I am right ( and this is from memory), then all three behave correctly as
      > the condition should not arise.
      > It would seem AIX4.3 and Sun0S 5.6 throw their hands in the air and wait for
      > some sanity. Linux insists you obey rule 1.
      > As I only allow the window to move forward I am with linux.
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