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SoftCOM 2001 Call for Papers

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    Dear Colleagues, Please accept our apologies if you receive multiple copies of this e-mail. We would appreciate your assistance in distributing this call for
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2001
      Dear Colleagues,

      Please accept our apologies if you receive multiple copies of this e-mail.

      We would appreciate your assistance in distributing this call for papers
      to your colleagues.

      All the details about the conference can be found at:

      All the details about the conference related events can be found at:

      *** CALL FOR PAPERS ***

      Tentative date: October 09-12, 2001
      Location: Split, Dubrovnik (Croatia); Ancona, Bari (Italy)

      * IEEE COMSOC TC of Communications Software and
      TC of Communication Switching and Routing (Technical Cosponsor)
      * Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Croatia
      * University of Split

      The 9th International Conference on Software, Telecommunications
      and Computer Networks (SoftCOM 2001), co-sponsored by the
      IEEE Communication Society (COMSOC), will be held aboard the
      ship "Marko Polo" traveling on the route Split (Croatia) - Ancona (Italy)
      - Bari (Italy) - Dubrovnik (Croatia).
      SoftCOM 2001 provides an open forum for communication technology
      and engineers to discuss new and emerging systems, standards and services,
      and their applications in telecommunication and information systems.
      The Conference will feature world-known plenary speakers, tutorial
      presentations and several workshops.

      Each day of the conference the ship will be anchored in one of the ports
      on the route, and overnight it will sail towards the next destination.
      This provides participants with the opportunity to share ideas in close
      contact with their colleagues and to enjoy the pleasant and inspiring
      ambience while visiting the ports along the beautiful Adriatic coast.
      During the conference the car deck will serve as an exhibition arena for
      exhibitors of software and telecommunication products.

      Topics to be addressed include, but are not limited to the following:
      * Telecommunication Software Production, Tools, Evaluation and
      * Object and Component Technologies in Telecommunication Software
      * Network Management, Control and Maintenance
      * Telecommunication Services Design and QoS
      * Internet Environments and Services
      * IP Based Networks and Services
      * High-Speed Protocols and Networks
      * Wireless Communications
      * Enterprise Networking
      * Multimedia Systems and Services
      * Computer Telephone Integration
      * Information Security
      * AI and Recognition Methods
      * Virtual Environments
      * Computer Methods in Biomedicine
      * Electromagnetic Compatibility

      Feature Topic: Bluetooth and Personal Area Networks
      In addition to general technical topics, this year,
      the prospective authors are cordially invited to submit
      tutorial or survey papers on present state and future developments in
      Bluetooth, Personal Area Networks and Wireless LANs.

      General Chair
      Juraj Buzolic, Croatian Telecom, Croatia

      International Program Committee
      Co-Chairs: Nikola Rozic, Dinko Begusic, University of Split, Croatia
      Horst Besier, Deutsche Telekom, Germany
      Branko Burmaz (Vice Chair), Croatian Telecom, Croatia
      Antun Caric, Ericsson - Nikola Tesla, Croatia
      Francis Grenez, University of Bruxelles, Belgium
      Gorazd Kandus, Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia
      Ignac Lovrek, University of Zagreb, Croatia
      Gottfried Luderer (Vice Chair), Arizona State University, USA
      Andrej Ljolje, AT&T, USA
      Ivan Mijacika, Ericsson - Nikola Tesla, Croatia
      Miljenko Mikuc, University of Zagreb, Croatia
      James F. Mollenauer, Technical Strategy Assoc., USA
      Stan Moyer, Telcordia, USA
      Algirdas Pakstas, University of North London, UK
      Nikola Pavesic, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
      Branko Soucek, Iris, Italy
      Zarko Sutlar, Croatian Telecom, Croatia
      Rob Walters, Satin Information Services, UK
      Krzysztof Wesolowski, University of Poznan, Poland

      SoftCOM 2001 will feature general conference and the following:
      * Workshop on Software Engineering in Telecommunications
      * Workshop on Database Technologies at the Beginning of New Millennium
      * Workshop on Mind Brain Networks
      * Workshop on Component-Based Active Simulation Networks
      * Special Session on EMC in Communication Systems

      Gottfried Luderer, Arizona State University, USA (luderer@...)

      Hrvoje Dujmic, University of Split, Croatia, (softcom@...)

      Complete Manuscript Due: July 01, 2001
      Notification of Acceptance: September 01, 2001
      Camera-Ready Manuscript Due: September 15, 2001

      Please check the details at the http://www.fesb.hr/SoftCOM
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