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  • Ramesh Shankar
    That s exactly correct. Thanks, S.R.
    Message 1 of 28 , Jul 1, 2000
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      That's exactly correct.



      Kacheong Poon wrote:
      > > I knew you would say this :-)). If you were doing "keep alive" style
      > > window probes, you would run into the problem that I mentioned. I
      > > personally don't like the 1-byte window probe scheme.
      > On a second thought, I guess by keep alive style, you mean sending a fake
      > byte or use old sequence number to send the zero window probe. Do I guess
      > correctly?
      > K. Poon.
      > kcpoon@...
    • venkat venkatsubra
      While on SND.WL1 and SND.WL2 on BSD implementations, shouldn t these need to be updated in the Header Prediction path too ? Otherwise, when the sequence number
      Message 2 of 28 , Jul 5, 2000
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