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2606Re: Apology

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  • Mark Allman
    May 4 11:29 AM
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      Please stop. None of you are discussing TCP, its implementation,
      operation or anything remotely related to this mailing list. I
      don't much care how you deal with recruiting announcements that hit
      your inbox. They should certainly not come through the tcp-impl
      list. I am satisfied that this point is now understood by the
      perpetrator. If you'd like to give him some more hell over it, feel
      free. I have no sympathy for Jeff if he gets an overfull inbox of
      complaints. However, the rest of us **do not need to see your

      Earlier today I tried to address this to several people off the
      list. But a few new folks piled on, so I felt compelled to say
      something on the list. I am sorry for kludging up the inboxes of
      those who would rather this thread go away. I hope it now does.

      (list maintainer)

      Mark Allman -- BBN/NASA GRC -- http://roland.grc.nasa.gov/~mallman/