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2604RE: Apology

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  • Vernon Schryver
    May 4, 2001
      > From: Jason Murphy <Jason.Murphy@...>
      > To: "'Lloyd Wood'" <L.Wood@...>, JeffW@...
      > Cc: tcp-impl@...

      > There's always one unhappy person. I don't understand why you just couldn't
      > let it go Lloyd. People make mistakes. Looks like your parents made a very
      > big one.

      I've no idea whether Mr. Murphy is a spammer, but his words are the
      familiar combination apologia and flame of a spammer. In this century,
      no one who might reasonably claim to be a legitimate technical recruiter
      can also claim to not know that spam is an absolutely wrong way to contact
      people. It is years too late to spam hundreds of individuals and
      mailinglists and then claim it was just a mistake. If no mistakes are
      culpable, then we should empty our jails, since everyone there merely made
      mistakes, even if like this spammer, getting caught by hitting IETF lists
      at the same time as individuals.

      That more than 99.9% and often more than 99.99% of spam targets just hit
      delete is what allows such as this headhunter to continue advertising by
      theft. If a significant fraction of spam targets would respond to the
      supporters of spammer, the spam problem would disappear overnight, and
      not just the problem of such as this one that both scraped individual
      addresses and hit IETF mailing lists.

      Mr. Woods was at least half right. His note here served to warn those
      who did not also enjoy the spammer's individual attention. In addition
      to complaining here, Mr. Woods and all who received the spam should
      have checked traceroute to find the responsible ISP's, then with
      whois.abuse.net to find registered abuse addresses, and then written
      to abuse@..., abuse@..., hostmaster@...,
      postmaster@... to demand that U.S.West (QWest) terminate
      the sending account and that atomicservers.com and and internap.com
      terminate the wsijobs.com home of the spammer.

      That that the recruiter evidently still had its account/job to send its
      applogy to the mailing list strongly suggests that wsijobs.com is not
      an outfit that the prudent job seeker or firm with a job would want to
      deal with. Tolerating and perhaps ordering advertising by theft is not
      a good sign about other business ethics.

      Vernon Schryver vjs@...
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