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2BOF Description

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  • Steve Alexander
    Nov 22, 1996
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      Description of BOF Session

      The objective of this meeting is to decide how to best address known
      problems in existing implementations of the current TCP standard(s). The
      overall goal is to improve conditions in the existing Internet by enhancing
      the quality of current TCP/IP implementations. It is hoped that both
      performance and correctness issues can be resolved by making implementors
      aware of the problems and their solutions. In the long term, it is felt
      that this will provide a reduction in unnecessary traffic on the network,
      the rate of connection failures due to protocol errors, and load on network
      servers due to time spent processing both unsuccessful connections and
      retransmitted data.

      The BOF is intended to give an overview of the current list of known
      problems and to consider approaches a Working Group could take to improve
      TCP implementations.

      There will also be discussion on the proposal to create a working group to
      document the issues. The charter and other issues surrounding working group
      creation will be discussed in an effort to reach consensus on the best way
      to proceed.

      Attendees should come prepared to discuss both TCP technical issues and
      IETF process issues regarding working group formation, document creation,

      Mailing List
      A mailing list has been set up to facilitate discussion:

      Subscribe by sending mail to:

      with a 1 line message that says
      subscribe tcp-impl
      in the body.
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