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1450Re: delayed ACKs for retransmitted packets: ouch!

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  • Neal Cardwell
    Nov 6, 1998
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      Although Linux 2.0 appears to perform poorly in acking retransmitted
      packets in some cases, just for the record i thought i'd note that Luigi
      Rizzo pointed out to me that BSD does actually do the right thing when it
      gets a data segment that falls below previously-received data:

      Luigi said:
      > Fig27.15 in Stevens deals with TCP_REASS, and in order to have a
      > DELACK you need that the reassembly queue be empty, and this does
      > not happen when the received pkt fills a hole (you know it's a hole
      > because you already have a pkt _after_ it).

      thanks, Luigi!
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