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1319Re: NewReno and the 2001 Revision

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  • Kacheong Poon
    Sep 23, 1998
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      > one ``congestion event''. We would like to hear comments on whether
      > or not such a bug fix should be included in the 2001 revision.

      I'd suggest putting the bug fix in the 2001 revision but leave out NewReno.
      IMHO, we should come up with a draft on the use of SACK in recovery instead of
      spending effort on experimental documents describing NewReno and other
      variants. As Sally pointed out in the IETF meeting, we can easily come up
      with scenarioes where NewReno and its variants work badly or too aggressively.
      But with SACK, we can do better. As of now, there is no internet draft on how
      to make good use of SACK. I think in 1 year's time, SACK should be widely
      deployed. So we should focus on how to make good use of SACK info, and also
      how to avoid abusing it.

      K. Poon.
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