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1294RE: NewReno and the 2001 Revision

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  • Spencer Dawkins
    Sep 11, 1998
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      I would like to see this bug fix (multiple cwnd reductions in a single
      window) included. It seems to me that the TCPSAT guys are spending lots of
      time and effort trying to keep their pipes full, and backing off by half in
      a single window of data (when we built this up at one segment per window of
      data) is already aggressive congestion avoidance - agressive enough to avoid
      congestion oscillation.


      > -----Original Message-----
      > From: Mark Allman [SMTP:mallman@...]
      > Sent: Friday, September 11, 1998 8:07 AM
      > To: tcp-impl@...
      > Cc: Vern Paxson
      > Subject: NewReno and the 2001 Revision
      > We would like to hear some feedback on what sorts of loss recovery
      > mechanisms the working group thinks are appropriate for inclusion in
      > the revision of RFC 2001. As Sally outlined in Chicago, there are
      > several improvements we can make to Reno style TCP (i.e., TCP
      > without SACK).
      > Our current opinion is that some form of the NewReno changes (as was
      > obvious in the meeting, there are a number of permutations of
      > NewReno) should be included in a seperate experimental document.
      > However, as Sally outlined in the meeting and it her note to this
      > list shortly after, there is also a seperate issue of fixing a
      > fairly well known TCP bug (misfeature?). The bug occurs when
      > multiple fast retransmits happen for multiple lost segments within a
      > window of data and consequently cwnd is halved multiple times for
      > one ``congestion event''. We would like to hear comments on whether
      > or not such a bug fix should be included in the 2001 revision.
      > Thanks,
      > Mark and Vern
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