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1293NewReno and the 2001 Revision

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  • Mark Allman
    Sep 11, 1998
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      We would like to hear some feedback on what sorts of loss recovery
      mechanisms the working group thinks are appropriate for inclusion in
      the revision of RFC 2001. As Sally outlined in Chicago, there are
      several improvements we can make to Reno style TCP (i.e., TCP
      without SACK).

      Our current opinion is that some form of the NewReno changes (as was
      obvious in the meeting, there are a number of permutations of
      NewReno) should be included in a seperate experimental document.
      However, as Sally outlined in the meeting and it her note to this
      list shortly after, there is also a seperate issue of fixing a
      fairly well known TCP bug (misfeature?). The bug occurs when
      multiple fast retransmits happen for multiple lost segments within a
      window of data and consequently cwnd is halved multiple times for
      one ``congestion event''. We would like to hear comments on whether
      or not such a bug fix should be included in the 2001 revision.

      Mark and Vern
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