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ANNOUNCE: package 0.0 available for alpha testing

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  • dgp@cam.nist.gov
    README: package Description: Enhanced drop-in replacement for [package] Release: 0.0 Status: alpha $Date: 2000/06/01 21:30:22 $ URL:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2000
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      README: package

      Description: Enhanced drop-in replacement for [package]
      Release: 0.0
      Status: alpha
      $Date: 2000/06/01 21:30:22 $
      URL: http://math.nist.gov/~DPorter/tcltk/package/
      Author: Don Porter <donald.porter@...>
      License: public domain (not subject to copyright; see LICENSE)
      Requires: Tcl 8


      package 0.0 provides a new [package] command for managing Tcl packages.
      The [package] it provides is meant to be a 100% compatible replacement
      for the built-in command [package] provided by the Tcl library. It
      extends the interface of the built-in [package] to provide more control
      over managing package dependencies, and to provide a more robust package
      indexing scheme.


      package 0.0 is available for download from


      The distribution unpacks into a directory package0.0. To try out the
      package 0.0 without installing it, evaluate the file package.test with

      To install package 0.0, simply copy the entire directory package0.0 into
      the directory $TCL_PREFIX/lib of your Tcl installation.


      There is no separate documentation yet. The beginning of each *.tcl
      file includes a lengthy comment describing the usage of one of the
      subcommands of the [package] which package 0.0 provides.

      To load package 0.0 into an interpreter, evaluate

      package require -exact package 0.0

      After successful evaluation of that command in an interpreter, the
      global command [package] in that interpreter will be the one provided by
      package 0.0, replacing the previous [package].

      Briefly, package 0.0 extends each of [package require], [package
      present], and [package vsatisfies] so that they accept a $maxVersion
      argument as well as the $minVersion argument supported by the built-in
      [package]. package 0.0 also adds the new subcommands [package index],
      [package mkdepend], and [package prerequisites]. Finally, this package
      renames the subcommands [package vcompare] to [package compare] and
      [package vsatisfies] to [package satisfies] in the interest of a less
      cryptic interface. The old subcommands are still supported for
      compatibility with the built-in [package].


      package 0.0 is an alpha release of package. It is released in the hope
      that others will try to use it and provide feedback to the author
      guiding further development. package 0.0 is not yet a suitable
      replacement for the built-in [package]. Before subsequent releases of
      package can claim that status, they must also replace the C functions
      Tcl_PkgProvide(), etc., so package must eventually be written partly in
      C. package 0.0 is a Tcl-only implementation which can only manage
      Tcl-only packages.

      The most valuable feedback sought is comments on the interface syntax.

      As subsequent releases are made, the minor version number will be
      incremented whenever an incompatible change to the interface is made.
      Compatible releases will increment the third number of the release
      number. It is intended the first beta release will be package 0.9.
      When a stable release is ready, it will be released as package 1.0.

      Because the built-in [package] must be used to load this package, and
      the built-in [package] does not support development release numbers
      (alpha and beta), the development versions of package should be loaded
      using the -exact flag of the built-in [package], like so:

      package require -exact package 0.0


      Please send your comments to the author, Don Porter, in an e-mail
      message to <donald.porter@...>.

      | Don Porter Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division |
      | donald.porter@... Information Technology Laboratory |
      | http://math.nist.gov/~DPorter/ NIST |

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