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[tcl_announce] ANNOUNCE: plus-patch for Tcl/Tk 8.0.3 available

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  • Jan Nijtmans
    The following files are available now, all downloadable through or
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5 12:30 PM
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      The following files are available now, all downloadable
      through <http://home.wxs.nl/~nijtmans/plus.html>
      or <ftp://ftp.nici.kun.nl/pub/tkpvm/>

      tcl8.0.3plus.patch.gz (178610 bytes)
      tcl8.0.3plus.tar.gz (1582311 bytes)
      tcl803plus.zip (1878535 bytes)

      tk8.0.3plus.patch.gz (75792 bytes)
      tk8.0.3plus.tar.gz (2056051 bytes)
      tk803plus.zip (2419524 bytes)

      They should be fully functional on UNIX and
      VC++ on Windows, but not yet for Borland,
      GNU-win32, and for the Mac (contibutions
      are welcome!!!!)


      Those new patches and distrbitutions are successors of the
      same distributions on the TclBlast CDROM. Full information
      can be found on the above pluspatch home-page. Many
      enhancements and some bug-fixes are included:

      - The Tk full distributions contain the latest versions
      of the dash-patch, Img-patch and elide-patch as well.
      - Part of Gordon Chaffee's fix for file-events
      on Windows. Not fully functional yet.
      - Some of Viktor Dukhovni's fixes.
      (I'll evaluate more of it in the future)
      - A first shot of Mumit Khan's adaptations
      for mingw32. Should be fully functional for Tk,
      but not yet for Tcl (due to conflicts with Gordon
      Chaffee's work).


      Apart from the already mentioned names, I would like
      to expres special thanks to Brent Welch.
      He updated the plus-patches for use with Tcl/Tk 8.0.3
      final for the TclBlast CDROM, while I was on vacation.
      The version on the CDROM had a few remaining
      problems on Windows (see the README), which
      hopefully are all fixed now.

      - Makefiles for Borland and Cygwin32/mingw32
      - Binary distribution for Windows.

      Jan Nijtmans, CMG Arnhem B.V.
      email: Jan.Nijtmans@... (private)
      Jan.Nijtmans@... (work)
      url: http://home.wxs.nl/~nijtmans/

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