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#180-7d, Epilog to #180-6

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  • WesBurt@aol.com
    .**************** On 9 Nov. 1995 the chief programmer for lists BRIDGE-L and WISDOM-L replied to #180-6, The No-Fault Solution, as follows: Wesley, Would
    Message 1 of 1714 , Nov 24, 1995
      On 9 Nov. 1995 the chief programmer for lists BRIDGE-L
      and WISDOM-L replied to #180-6, "The No-Fault
      Solution," as follows:

      Would it be possible to post some excerpts of previous
      posts on other lists to BRIDGE-L? If not, could you
      briefly summarize your position to allow for greater
      participation. I suspect that the lack of response has less
      to do with "faint-hearted" subscribers than it is due to the
      possibility that you may have launched a salvo right over
      everyone's head."
      What "C" grade mechanical engineer could refuse to
      comply with such a complimentary request? Bill, the
      "Laws of nature, and of Nature's God" were old and
      unchanging long before Ezra compiled and edited the
      Pentateuch in 457 B.C., after the remnant returned from
      exile in Babylon. By complying with these laws, the
      American work force from the1620's through the 1890's,
      except during war time, delivered to American
      consumers a "baker's dozen" for each dozen input of
      labor and materials. When those same Divine
      Laws were not observed during industrialization, the
      performance of the U. S. workforce changed in the
      1890's to delivering only 98% of a dozen for each dozen
      input of labor and materials.

      By 1976, 13th tribe members, Harold Van B. Cleveland
      and W. H. Bruce Brittain, knew enough about inflation
      and unemployment to write THE GREAT INFLATION
      (National Planning Association Report No. 148) and
      show the American public that their economy was the
      only one powerful enough to cause the worldwide
      inflation that was finally returned to 3%/year in the1990's.
      Since the output lags behind the input, in point of time, in
      every human activity from the family farm to the national
      economy, neither the "Gates of Hell" nor the American
      establishment can eliminate the very human tendency
      toward public deficits and private business failures,
      without first correcting the systemic mechanical defect of
      omission in America's domestic policy.

      The following 1993 snail-mail letter to the late Rabbi
      Eugene J Lipman briefly summarizes the scope of all
      previous snail-mail letters and posts since 1969:
      October 27, 1993
      To: Eugene J. Lipman, Rabbi Emeritus, Temple Sinai,
      and list L

      Subject: #137, The Zero-Sum Society---34 centuries of
      priestly self-delusion.

      Dear Rabbi Lipman:
      I only recently had the good fortune to read your YAMIN
      NORA'IM Sinai Sermons, 1987. We seem to share the
      conviction that members of the American establishment,
      like the Children of Israel, were chosen to teach the
      Mosaic Law to all nations and both refuse to do it. They
      say, one to another: "Moses commanded us a Law for
      our inheritance, it is our inheritance, not theirs."

      From the death of Moses, B.C. 1451, to this
      morning's issue of THE WASHINGTON POST, the
      priestly establishments have regaled the public with
      tales of Mighty Men and the exhortations of Patriarchs,
      Prophets, Priests, and Protestants that the public's
      whole duty is to obey the Ten Commandments, obey the
      Golden Rule, pay the three tithes enumerated by TOBIT
      and the late Rabbi J. H. Hertz, and keep its collective
      nose out of the priestly establishment's business.

      If Madison, Hamilton, and Jay had explained the attached
      Figure 4 in the Federalist Papers and included the Three
      Tithes of Moses in the Bill Of Rights, as Thomas Paine
      later suggested in AGRARIAN JUSTICE, 1797, the
      world today would be calling the U.S.A. "The Promised
      Land," instead of "The Great Satan."

      I hope you will forgive this uncultured mechanical
      engineer for basing such a critical presentation on the
      graphical model in Figure 4. I have neither the wit nor
      the time remaining to surpass the many eloquent authors
      who, over the past 34 centuries, have failed to focus
      public attention on this priestly delusion.

      Today, the whole Mosaic Law is applied to Pope John
      Paul II's "society of capital goods" at 90 degrees in the
      model, while Congress applies Tobit's Law to the
      "society of persons" at 270 degrees. Help me to focus
      public attention on the ZERO-SUM mentality that makes
      Congress: (1) withhold public revenue from First Tithe
      investments in the development of human assets and
      the satisfaction of Say's Law, (2) carefully protect the
      Second Tithe for executive compensation of the
      establishment, while (3) busting the budget with futile
      Third Tithe remedial programs for society's underclass.

      Wesley S. Burt
      To my great regret, I learned later that Rabbi Lipman
      was terminally ill at the time I found his book of sermons
      and wrote the letter. Only God knows how he would have
      replied to my letter, if I had found his book of sermons a
      few years earlier.

      But, I know from recent experience with my e-mail posts
      that this subject evokes the fear, loathing, and hatred of
      discussion list hierarchies who have established their
      lists to promote other objectives than the general welfare
      of the United States. In a serious way, and very contrary
      to my own interests, I have abused the hospitality of
      those hierarchies that kept their lists open, while at the
      same time, I have felt abused, and my purpose insulted,
      by those hierarchies which closely moderated their lists,
      and rejected my posts as inappropriate to their
      objectives. After posting this note, I will follow the good
      advice of several founders and list owners and
      un-subscribe from all lists, with sincere apologies to all
      those who have been offended by the subject.

      The burden of making "The No-Fault Solution" politically
      correct is mine, but I need all the help I can get. The
      acceptance or rejection of the only technically valid cure
      for the social pathologies caused by a century of 5-10%
      unemployment is the public's responsibility, and they
      will need all the help they can get. But the benefits of
      restoring the American Will to produce a "bakers
      dozen" would be shared by the whole world.

      Happy holidays Bill,
      Wesley S. Burt
      Connoisseur of Fine Cosmographies
    • Julian Goldberg
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      Message 1714 of 1714 , Feb 4, 1997
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