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[tc-list] CODEX VATICANVS B (Facsimile e Prolegomena)

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  • Bruce Prior
    Italian craftsmanship is alive and well. Number 021 of the limited edition of 450 copies of BIBLIORVM SACRORVM GRAECORVM CODEX VATICANVS B (Facsimile e
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 10, 2000
      Italian craftsmanship is alive and well. Number 021 of the limited edition
      Prolegomena) arrived today from Italy by DHL courier. Everything about this
      instant rare work spells deluxe.

      It came in a wooden crate weighing 16 kilograms. The two volumes and thick
      clear-plastic case alone are quite heavy. The thick full-color individual
      paper pages of the codex are shaped like the original with rough edges and
      no blank margins. Even blank pages, cut-off leaves and holes in the
      parchment are mimicked in this edition. The entire codex is reproduced in
      one beautifully-bound volume, including the Old and New Testaments. The
      only modern addition to the codex volume is a two-page authenticity
      certificate with the serial number in the form: 021/450.

      The book works very well mechanically: there is no need to fight to hold
      the pages open to read any text. Since I have not seen the original, it is
      difficult for me to judge the resolution of the facsimile, but under a
      magnifying glass it appears to be excellent. Examining the volume briefly
      today, I have been able to detect only two minor flaws: First, the edge
      cutting of the leaves sometimes does not perfectly match the colored edge of
      the original, so tiny spots of white paper are visible in some corners.
      Second, there is sometimes a remnant shadow of text from the opposite side
      of a leaf which is not perfectly registered with the bleed-through text on
      the facsimile. The text of this codex is generally so legible that I doubt
      that this insignificant flaw will cause any deciphering problems.

      The Prolegomena volume includes the imprimatur by Joannes Paulus II, a
      subtle watermark portrait of the Holy Father, three essays, a
      column-by-column index of the codex by verse numbers, and a certification
      page with serial number. The index is very helpful, because the pages of
      the codex volume are not adorned with any modern notation.

      The untranslated essays in the Prolegomena volume are: NOTICE
      TESTAMENT by Pierre-Maurice Bogaert, O.S.B., and THE TEXT OF THE NEW
      TESTAMENT by Stephen Pisano SJ .

      North American distribution of this work is being handled by Dr. Philip B.
      Payne, President of Linguist�s Software, Inc., P.O. Box 580, Edmonds, WA
      98026. His telephone number is 425-775-1130. His e-mail address is:
      phil@... .

      For distribution outside of North America, contact Casalini Libri SPA, Via
      Faentina 169/15, 50014 Caldine Fiesole, Italy. Telephone: (+39-055) 5018.1
      Website: http://www.casalini.it English-language e-mail contact: Colleen
      Campbell: ccampbell@... .

      J. Bruce Prior, PhD

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