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[tc-list] Semitic Original

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  • James Trimm
    Dave Washburn said, ... Your kidding right? When we turn to the New Testament we find that there are reasons for suspecting a Hebrew or Aramaic original for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2000
      Dave Washburn said,

      > I would also suggest that the Greek of the NT shows no
      >signs of being translation Greek.

      Your kidding right?

      When we turn to the New Testament we find that
      there are reasons for suspecting a Hebrew or Aramaic
      original for the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, John
      and for the apocalypse.
      - Hugh J. Schonfield; An Old Hebrew Text
      of St. Matthew's Gospel; 1927; p. vii

      The material of our Four Gospels is all Palestinian,
      and the language in which it was originally written
      is Aramaic, then the principle language of the land...
      -C. C. Torrey; Our Translated Gospels; 1936 p. ix

      In regard to Lk. it remains to be said, that of all the
      Four Gospels it is the one which gives by far the plainest
      and most constant evidence of being a translation.
      - C.C. Torrey ibid p. lix

      Thus it was that the writer turned seriously to tackle
      the question of the original language of the Fourth Gospel;
      and quickly convincing himself that the theory of an
      original Aramaic document was no chimera, but a fact
      which was capale of the fullest verification...
      - Charles Fox Burney; The Aramaic Origin
      of the Fourth Gospel; 1922; p. 3

      ...the Book of Revelation was written in a Semitic language,
      and that the Greek translation... is a remarkably close
      rendering of the original."
      - C. C. Torrey; Documents of the Primitive Church
      1941; p. 160

      We come to the conclusion, therefore that the Apocalypse
      as a whole is a translation from Hebrew or Aramaic...
      - RBY Scott; The Original Language of the Apocalypse
      1928; p. 6

      Let us then add:

      The pioneer in this study of Aramaic and Greek relationships was
      Charles Cutler Torrey (1863-1956),... His work however fell short
      of completeness; as a pioneering effort, in the nature of the case,
      some of his work has to be revised and supplemented. His main
      contention of translation, however, is undeniably correct. ...

      The translation into Greek from Aramaic must have been made from
      a written record, including the Fourth Gospel. The language was
      Eastern Aramaic, as the material itself revealed, most strikingly
      through a comparison of parallel passages. ...

      One group [of scholars], which originated in the nineteenth century
      and persists to the present day [1979], contends that the Gospels
      were written in Greek...

      Another group of scholars, among them C. C. Torrey ... comes out
      with the proposition that the Four Gospels... including Acts up to
      are translated directly from Aramaic and from a written Aramaic

      My own researches have led me to consider Torrey's position
      valid and convincing that the Gospels as a whole were translated
      from Aramaic into Greek.


      James Trimm

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