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[tc-list] Re: Lamsa Version

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  • Ron Minton
    Murdoch is also available from Good Books 2456 Devonshire Rd. Springfield, IL 62703 USA. $30.00 book #1136 Date sent: Tue, 04 Jan 2000
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5 7:40 AM
      Murdoch is also available from "Good Books" 2456 Devonshire Rd.
      Springfield, IL 62703 USA. $30.00 book #1136

      Date sent: Tue, 04 Jan 2000 23:16:09 -0600 (CST)
      From: James Trimm <news1!jstrimm@...>
      Subject: [tc-list] Lamsa Version
      > >> >>Lamsa's version is not the only English translation of the
      > >> >>Syriac New Testament. In the19th century, a John Murdoch
      > >> >>made an English translation of the Peshitta New Testament,
      > >> >>the 6th edition being published in Boston and London in
      > >> >>1893 (see Bruce M. Metzger, THE EARLY VERSIONS OF
      > >> >>THE NEW TESTAMENT. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1977,
      > >> >>p. 52, n. 1). I have not seen this version, but it cannot help
      > >> >>but be more accurate than that of Lamsa. ---Doug Kutilek
      > >How can i get a copy of Murdock Pershita?
      > James Murdock Produced the first English translation of the Aramaic
      > Peshitta New Testament in the late 1800's.
      > Although Murdock did not to my knowledge claim that the Aramaic rather
      > than the Greek was the original, it is an important reference book for
      > any library.
      > It has come to my attention that this book has been reprinted with
      > what is called in the printing business a "perfect binding." 1,000
      > copies were printed. The binding of this book does not seem to hold
      > up well so you may have to eventually rebind it. For that reason they
      > are being made available at a bargain price of $10.00 each.
      > To obtain a copy just mail a check or money order made out to A.L.H.
      > and mail it to:
      > Marilyn Jarzembski
      > PO Box 375
      > Fayette, OH 43521
      > USA
      > If in the USA please add $3.20 for shipping.
      > If ordering from outside the USA please try to include enough to cover
      > shipping.
      > James Trimm

      Ron Minton

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