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[tc-list] RE: the text of the gospels in 2nd c.

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  • Sam Schnaiter
    Lowrey Hershey wrote:
    Message 1 of 8 , Dec 30, 1999
      Lowrey Hershey wrote:

      <<I seem to recall about eight years ago reading a [journal] article
      the priority [?] of the Majority text. It was a mathematical article
      the assumption that one only has an original reading and that the
      non-Majority readings should be the majority in the mathematical
      Since they do not, the Majority reading should reflect the original.
      Are you aware of the article? or criticisms of its method?
      Perhaps I should have looked at the Byzantine priorty section of the
      web site
      versus the Mathematics section.>>

      Pickering's book of which Waltz wrote was a re-do of his Th.D.
      dissertation under Zane Hodges at Dallas Theol. Sem.
      Hodges (co-author with Arthur Farstad of The Greek New Testament
      According to the Majority Text) used the "expertise" of his brother
      (David M. Hodges, BS Mathematics, Wheaton College, 1957) who I
      believe was in the Army as a statistician at the time for the
      mathematical probability chart you refer to. You may have seen
      something similar in one of Hodges articles in the late seventies in
      JETS. Specifically I know he had articles in Vols. 21:1 & 2 in
      1978. He was thoroughly critiqued by Gordon D. Fee at the time. As
      Waltz mentioned, the material was then used by Pickering in Appendix C
      of his book.

      doxa en uyistoiV qew monw.

      Sam Schnaiter
      Bob Jones University

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