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[tc-list] Re: # of complete manuscript copies of the Vulgate?

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  • U.B.Schmid
    ... I m not sure what you mean by entire Vulgate . NT-Vulgate mss. or pandects (entire Bibles comprising OT and NT)? In any case, I know of no such published
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 27, 1999
      Joseph Crea wrote:
      > Hello everyone!
      > Is there one or more sources/books which gives the same sort of
      > break-down for manuscripts of the Vulgate that Aland & Aland's __The Text
      > of the New Testament does for Greek manuscripts of the NT? Can anyone
      > provide figures (or even estimates) of the number of complete mss. of the
      > entire Vulgate? Thanks in advance.

      I'm not sure what you mean by "entire Vulgate". NT-Vulgate mss. or pandects
      (entire Bibles comprising OT and NT)? In any case, I know of no such
      published figures covering the entire period of Latin Biblical ms. production.

      For the early period (up to 800) you may want to consult an article written by
      Patrick Mc Gurk, "The oldest manuscripts of the Latin Bible", _The Early
      Medieval Bible. Its production, decoration and use_, ed. R. Gameson, Cambridge:
      University Press 1994, pp. 1-23. In the same publication some more essays hint
      on your questions: David Ganz, "Mass production of early medieval manuscripts:
      the Carolingian Bibles from Tours", Rosamond Mc Kitterick, "Carolingian Bible
      production: the Tours anomaly", Larry M. Ayres, "The Italian Giant Bibles:
      aspects of their Touronian ancestry and early history".

      Moreover, I strongly recommend the huge surveys done by Bonifatius Fischer:
      "Bibelausgaben des fruehen Mittelalters", _La Bibbia nell'alto medioevo_,
      Settimane di Studio del centro italiano di studi sull'alto medioevo x, Spoleto
      1963, pp. 519-600
      "Das Neue Testament in lateinischer Sprache. Der gegenwaertige Stand seiner
      Erforschung und seine Bedeutung fuer die griechische Textgeschichte", ANTF 5,
      ed. K. Aland, Berlin 1972, pp. 1-92.
      Die Lateinischen Evangelien bis zum 10.Jahrhundert, 4 vols., Aus der Geschichte
      der Lateinischen Bibel 13,15,17,18, Freiburg 1988-91.

      I once tried to pin down serious estimations on the approximate figures of
      extant Latin Biblical mss., but I didn't succeed. I would be glad, if somebody
      could fill in that void, i.e. estimations uttered by *serious experts*. After
      ploughing through some secondary literature (see above, plus various articles by
      H.J. Vogels, D. de Bruyne, F.C. Burkitt) I'm left with the impression that
      nobody really knows (cares?). From the 11th century onwards we seem to be
      completely at a loss. The least on can say is that there are much more mss. of
      the Latin Bible extant than of the Greek Bible (NT + LXX!!!), probably tens of

      Dr. Ulrich Schmid

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