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[tc-list] Re: Spelling of Mariam

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  • Maurice A. Robinson
    On Wed, 22 Dec 1999 18:05:17 +0100 Wieland Willker ... Indeclinable form versus declinable; should make no difference translationally, though theologically
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 23, 1999
      On Wed, 22 Dec 1999 18:05:17 +0100 "Wieland Willker"
      <willker@...-bremen.de> writes:

      >Some observations on MARIAM / MARIA in the NT:

      Indeclinable form versus declinable; should make no difference
      translationally, though theologically there might be some inclination to
      make a distinction between Mary mother of Jesus and the other Marys which
      appear in the NT.

      Listing only the MARIAM forms in both the Byzantine and NA27 texts
      reveals the basic situation and is more manageable than looking at every
      variant form of MARIA. There are variant readings between the declinable
      and indeclinable forms involved in many of these locations, as would be

      Byzantine Textform has MARIAM at:

      Mt 1:20; 13:55
      Lk 1:27, 30, 34, 38, 39, 46, 56; 2:5, 16, 19, 34.
      Rom 16:6.

      NA27 has MARIAM at:

      Mt 13:55; 27:61; 28:1
      Lk 1:27, 30, 34, 38, 39, 46, 56; 2:5, 16, 19, 34; 10:39, 42
      Jn 11:2, 19, 20, 28, 31, 32, 45; 12:3; 20:16, 18
      Ac 1:14.

      >1. Genitive is always MARIAS (7 times)

      Normal declination. Not of significance.

      2. Marie the mother of Jesus is named MARIAM (13 times) except one case:
      Matt. 1:20 MARIAN (B, L, f1)
      MARIAM (01, C, D, W, Z, 038, f13, Maj.)

      Ac 1:14 also refers to Mary mother of Jesus, and there Byz reads MARIA,
      while NA27 reads MARIAM.-- a situation opposite to that found in Mt 1:20
      (which tends to demonstrate that the declinable and indeclinable forms
      are interchangeable).

      >3. Martha's Marie is always called MARIAM

      Only in NA27; the Byzantine Textform always uses the declinable form.

      >4. The mother of James and Joses is always called MARIA (10 times)

      Same for both NA27 and Byz.

      >5. Maria Magdalene is always called MARIA (9 times) except:
      > Jn. 20:18 MARIAM (P66, 01, B, L)
      > MARIA (A, D, W, 038, 044, f13, Maj.)

      Add Jn 20:16 NA27 (also with Byz variant MARIA)

      > Matt. 27:61 MARIAM (01, B,C,L, 037, 038, f1)
      > MARIA (A, D, W, f13, Maj.)
      > Matt. 28:1 MARIAM (01, C, L, 037, 038)
      > MARIA (A, B, D, W, f1, f13, Maj.)
      >It seems to me that there is some system behind this.

      I am not certain that any major pattern is visible, except in #4 (#1 is
      irrelevant), which retains consistency in all texts.
      #2 shows inconsistency, regardless of which texttype one follows;

      #3 shows a distinct preference for a given form directly pertinent to
      which texttype is being followed.

      #5 is consistent within the Byzantine Textform; inconsistent in NA27.

      >According to this system the four mentioned cases should be

      For Byzantine supporters the only problematic situation is the
      inconsistency in #2; within the NA27 text, #2 preserves the
      inconsistency, though in regard to a different set of variants, while
      also inconsistent in #5.

      >I haven't checked the witnesses for the other 50 occurrences of Marie,
      >but I found this interesting.

      Examination of all instances where the declinable form is found with
      variant readings also would be an interesting (if not profitable) study.
      Whether such is worth the time and effort expended, however, might be
      questionable in light of the lack of translational or lexical

      Maurice A. Robinson
      Professor of NT and Greek
      Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
      Wake Forest, North Carolina

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