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Re: tc-list A request from Dr. Swanson

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  • Maurice A. Robinson
    On Tue, 5 Oct 1999 22:48:23 -0700 Mr. Gary S. Dykes ... advantageous ... Gary and I agree for once. I would heartily support the publication of Swanson s
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 12, 1999
      On Tue, 5 Oct 1999 22:48:23 -0700 "Mr. Gary S. Dykes"
      <yhwh3in1@...> writes:

      >Baker Book House is considering the publication of Dr. Swanson's "New
      >Testament Greek Manuscripts" -- which currently consists of Mt, Mk,
      >Lk, Jn, Acts, and Galatians-- in several weeks.

      >Reuben and I discussed what had occurred to the work by Comfort and
      >Barrett, and Reuben being a SBL member, thought that it might be
      >for Tc-List members to voice their support for publication directly to
      >Baker Book House.

      Gary and I agree for once.

      I would heartily support the publication of Swanson's work in a
      hardbound format. It is extremely accurate and has continually proven
      useful in my own studies. My only concern is whether in so doing we will
      lose the extreme savings (especially for students) of the William Carey
      Library paperback edition. I would hope that Baker would also continue an
      inexpensive paperback version along with the hardback reference format if
      so. (Is William Carey Library and/or Sheffield Academic Press choosing to
      drop Swanson altogether?).

      >The main body of the work is, however, far more accurate than existing
      Greek New >Testament handbook editions.

      Quite correct, from my own examination of selected portions.

      Maurice A. Robinson
      Professor of NT and Greek
      Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
      Wake Forest, North Carolina

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