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Re: tc-list How to collate everything

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  • U.B.Schmid
    ... [...] ... I think, people are approaching the issue under discussion from very different perspectives, which is, of course, legitimate. For my part,
    Message 1 of 8 , Jul 22, 1999
      Wieland Willker wrote:
      > Some more thoughts about "collating everything" (collating all greek NT
      > manuscripts):
      > 1. It is not needed to have "error free" transcripts at the beginning. In
      > this respect e-versions are much better than printed ones. One can easily
      > update them regularly.
      > 2. It is not needed to bring out everything at once. One can add more and
      > more as times goes by.
      > The first versions would be highly experimental of course, but it's a
      > beginning.
      > I don't think that doing everything, extremely accurate in one go is the
      > best method. You can see that the ECM is extremely slow. And in the end
      > after 100 years? Oh dear, it is not electronically readable. And then? I
      > don't understand Larry Hurtado here: His motto seems to be "Everything
      > error-free or nothing".

      I think, people are approaching the issue under discussion from very different
      perspectives, which is, of course, legitimate. For my part, however, I have to
      side with Larry, even in Wieland's way of putting Larry's motto.

      So, Wieland, you are dreaming of starting on lower levels gradually improving as
      time goes by and new transcripts as well as corrections of old transcripts are
      sent in?
      But who will organize and who will do the job in an effective and responsible
      I'm willing to accept the idea that probably a (comparatively) great many people
      is technically speaking able to contribute to gathering and improving
      transcripts of the papyri and many of the uncials of which facsimile editions
      are available. Finally you may end up with a lot of people debating on ink spots
      and damaged letters on the payrus fragments never reaching 100% agreement on
      every single item. That's fine. That's sience. No problem.
      I'm pretty sure, however, that the mass of cursives is the main problem in this
      game. How to direct the resources in order to get as many people as possible to
      do transcripts meeting some basic requirements? Volounteers on the internet
      won't do. If you keep standards low in the beginning, you have to consult each
      manuscript several times in order to get results that satisfy basic standards.
      This is simply a waste of resources. Moreover, you need to have some sort of
      institution that keeps organizing and checking the work that is carried out and
      (ideally) sent in.
      To be honest, it is my ultimate nightmare to have a couple of transcripts
      somewhere on a web-site which have been compiled by individual x *not proofed*
      but *constantly updated* as soon as new transcripts by another individual or -
      even worse - anecdotal lists of corrections come in. Who is there to decide
      which of the usually differing transcripts (corrections) is to be preferred? Can
      we ultimately blame somebody for making sure that we use only one accepted
      currency in TC or that our different currencies are, at least, still

      Dr. Ulrich Schmid
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