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Re: tc-list Need a Syriac Text

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    ... Dear Mark, ... ANGER (in order): [22] pwrt [+ S3M suffix, ie pwrth] ; ttpr ; [23] pwrt [ + S3M suffix] ; ttpyr ; ttpyr MERCY: rHm [plural] If any
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 18, 1999
      > From: "Mark Proctor" <proctor@...> To:
      Dear Mark,

      In response to your enquiry:

      > I'm working on a variant in Mark, and need a Syriac copy of
      > Ephrem's Commentary on the Diatessaron XII.22-23.
      >... In the meantime, if one of you could tell me
      >the Syriac words that Ephrem uses to refer to Jesus' anger (five
      >times in paragraphs 22-23) and Jesus' mercy (1 time in paragraph 22)
      >that would be equally helpful.

      ANGER (in order): [22] pwrt' [+ S3M suffix, ie pwrth] ; 'ttpr ;
      [23] pwrt' [ + S3M suffix] ; 'ttpyr ; 'ttpyr

      MERCY: rHm' [plural]

      If any of this, or my transcription, is unclear please let me know.
      The text is sitting in front of me, so it is easy to check.

      Best wishes,


      Dr David G.K.Taylor email: d.g.k.taylor@...
      Department of Theology, tel: 0121-414 5666
      University of Birmingham, fax: 0121-414 6866
      Birmingham B15 2TT,
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