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Re: tc-list Scribal tendencies - Christian Ethics?

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  • Jack Kilmon
    ... Messed this one up. Should be http://www1.uni-bremen.de/~wie/Secret/secmark.home.html ... and this one: http://osf1.gmu.edu/~herwin/mark.html ... Sorry
    Message 1 of 9 , May 6 10:01 AM

      Jack Kilmon wrote:

      TonyProst@... wrote:

      > On this issue, you might check the Secret Mark websites, which I am certain
      > someone on this list can refer you to!



      Messed this one up. Should be






      and this one:


      Sorry bout dat


      taybutheh d'maran yeshua masheecha am kulkon

      Jack Kilmon


    • Andrew Payne
      YOu mentioned two of Bart Ehrman s essays, have your read his An Orthodox Corruption of Scripture?
      Message 2 of 9 , May 6 5:19 PM
        YOu mentioned two of Bart Ehrman's essays, have your read his An Orthodox
        Corruption of Scripture?


        > Dear subscriber!
        > I - a Swedish student of theology - is presently working on an essay in
        > ethics. Since I am very interested in the area of textual criticism I am
        > trying to connect the areas of scribal tendencies in the textual
        > transmission of NT, and the development or elaboration of christian
        > (orthodox) ethics in the early church.
        > I have read two of Bart D. Ehrman´s essay´s concerning text and
        > tradition in the early church, which show that various concerns in the
        > church (sociological, doctrinal etc) are mirrored in the way scribes
        > transmitted (omitted, amended or changed) the original text. This was
        > indeed interesting for me - the idea of using textual criticism with
        > another aim than just trying to secure the original text.
        > Anyhow, now I am supposed to write an essay in ethics and I would like
        > to ask the subscribers of the list for a piece of good advice. Do You
        > think it would show fruitful to investigate if some textual variants
        > (and if so, where should I look for them in the NT) have bearings on the
        > history of ethics in the early church. The oppression of women, or
        > antisemitism could indeed belong to the subject, but if we define ethics
        > more narrowly to designate moral life of the Christian. Perhaps You have
        > some suggestions for my study of literature.
        > I hope You understand my query, in spite of my poor knowledge in
        > English. I thank You for Your contribution in the research of a subject
        > which I take great interest in.
        > With regards
        > Tommy Wasserman
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