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  • Harold P. Scanlin
    Fred Miller asked, ... the ... the ... seem ... You are right, both theories can t be right. I only intended to say that I favor explanation 1, but even if
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 27, 1999
      Fred Miller asked,

      > Are there two thoughts presented here by your comments? That is 1. that
      > dots are remnants of partially erased letters of the NAME. Or 2. that
      > microscopically small letters are very precise but reflect a technology
      > mastered earlier and illustrated later in the middle ages, It does not
      > to me that it can be both.

      You are right, both theories can't be right. I only intended to say that I
      favor explanation 1, but even if they are micrography (not necessarily
      microscopically small) that is probably technologically possible.

      > I am
      > of the opinion that the strokes have a precise form not resembling Hebrew
      > Aramaic unless there are primitive alphabet scripts that I am not aware
      of that
      > would make the final two enscriptions resemble (if Hebrew) what looks
      like a
      > heth or tau upside down and the next to last marking resembles an
      oblique X
      > leaning to the left with elongated legs extending to the right, If this
      is the
      > next to last letter in the partially erased tetragrammaton it should be
      waw and
      > it does not seem to bear any resemblance to waw. As for erasures there
      do not
      > seem to be any places where residual strokes leave any evidence of having
      > abraided while however there is some "bleeding" between the letters which
      > be natural with such a small notation and would counter the idea of
      > since the bleeding has not been abraided at all..

      This is all possible, but the condition of the published plates prevents
      definitive conclusions. Martin offers at least a plausible case for
      remnants of the required letters, in Qumran orthography, for the

      Harold P. Scanlin
      United Bible Societies
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