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Re: tc-list Vendyl, ShemTob & Qumran

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  • James Trimm
    Yes it does, as James Tabor said: I too was sorry to see this issue of VJ bulletin and how he was playing so fast and loose with the facts. I would add one
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 11, 1998
      Yes it does, as James Tabor said:

      I too was sorry to see this issue of VJ bulletin and how he was playing so
      fast and loose with the facts. I would add one IMPORTANT point...Even
      Bohan and Even BoCHan are NOT even the same words in Hebrew...

      One is a place name from Joshua 15:6, and is the Stone of BOCHAN (spelled
      with a Chet) the name of a person, son of Reuben, but also meaning
      THUMB...and that marker indeed looks like a thumb sticking up, just north
      of Qumran...Maybe the guy was tall and called "the thumb" as a knickname,
      and the rock got his name.

      The other word is Even Bohan (spelled with a Hey), the Smooth Stone or
      touchstone (used in Isa 28:16), an entirely different word.

      To confuse the two is like maintaining that the words "car"and "cat" are
      the same in English...after all, only one letter difference!!

      James Tabor

      At 11:47 AM 12/11/98 -0500, you wrote:
      >Some remark:
      >I looked the two words up in my pocket Ben Yehuda-Weinstein
      English-Hebrew-English dictionary.
      >There the two words are clearly:
      >bohen (bet-he-nun): thumb
      >bochen ( bet-chet-nun): touch-stone as even-bochan.
      >Will this affect the ongoing dispute?
      >At 21:07 10.12.98 -0600, you wrote:
      >>I have learned that Vendyl Jones has published some of his false claims
      >>about Shem Tob Matthew as recently as October of 1998:
      >> "Rabbi Shem Tov Ben Isaac Ben-Shaprut... wrote a polemic book
      >> against Christianity. Included in this book was a chapter titled
      >> Eben Bohan.
      >>The truth is:
      >>1. Shem-Tob's entire book is titled "Even Bohan"
      >>not just the one chapter that has Matthew transcribed into it.
      >>2. The book is called "Even Bohan" (the touchstone) while the location
      >>at Qumran is called "Even Bochan" (the stone thumb). They are not even
      >>the same Hebrew word (as James Taber has pointed out)
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