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  • Robert B. Waltz
    On Wed, 14 Oct 1998, Steve & Jules Carson-Rowland ... OK. For what it is worth, this is section #24 in the Loeb version, not #25. But
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      On Wed, 14 Oct 1998, "Steve & Jules Carson-Rowland" <kirra@...>

      >25. But, then, what are our laws about marriage? That law owns no other
      >mixture of sexes but that which nature hath appointed, of a man with his
      >wife, and that this be used only for the procreation of children. But it
      >abhors the mixture of a male with a male; and if any one do that, death is
      >its punishment. It commands us also, when we marry, not to have regard to
      >portion, nor to take a woman by violence, nor to persuade her deceitfully
      >and knavishly; but to demand her in marriage of him who hath power to
      >dispose of her, and is fit to give her away by the nearness of his kindred;
      >for, says the Scripture, "A woman is inferior to her husband in all

      OK. For what it is worth, this is section #24 in the Loeb version,
      not #25. But the cause of the confusion is that the #24/25 is
      not the Loeb numbering system; it's the classical system. The
      Loeb numbers for this section are I.199-203. (For what it's

      So with that said, here is what the Loeb edition reveals (BTW,
      this is section 201 in the Loeb edition.)

      The Greek text reads

      gunh ceirwn, fhsin, andros eis apanta. toigaroun upakouetw,
      mh pros ubrin, all an archtai* qeos gar andri to kratos edwken.

      This whole passage is in brackets. There is no manuscript
      evidence for the omission, but the note on the Greek side
      says "Passage suspected by Niese; cf. Ephes. v.22 and other
      N.T. parallels."

      On the English side, the translation reads

      The woman, says the Law, is in all things inferior to the man.

      The note attributes the quotation to Gen. 3:16. Doesn't look
      much like the LXX to me -- but what do I know? :-)

      Bob Waltz

      "The one thing we learn from history --
      is that no one ever learns from history."
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