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Re: tc-list Let's let this thread die quickly, please

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  • Rev. Craig R. Harmon
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 8, 1998
      (Not that I'm the arbiter of good taste or protocol or anything--just a
      > lowly Ph.D. candidate.)

      I'll take your word for it (being an even lowlier STM student) that this question of mine was in bad taste (on this list at least). I apologize (mea culpa) for responding again; I had not yet read your call for the immediate death of the thread. You have heard the last of me on the topic.

      Craig R. Harmon
      > As interesting as it might be, let's let this debate (BAPTIZW=immerse?) die,
      > or take it off-list. It has nothing to do with textual criticism.
      > Perry L. Stepp
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      > "That depends on what the definition of the word 'is' is."
      > --William Jefferson Clinton, 17 August 1998
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