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tc-list George Howard's Shem Tob Matthew new article in J.St.N.T,

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  • Errol Smith & Colleen Loo
    To all those who have read Petersen s recent article on T.C. responding to George Howard s proposal concerning Shem Tob s text of Matthew in Hebrew, Howard has
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 1998
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      To all those who have read Petersen's recent article on T.C. responding to George Howard's proposal concerning Shem Tob's
      text of Matthew in Hebrew, Howard has recently published another journal article:

      "Shem-Tob's Hebrew Matthew and early Jewish Christianity",
      Journal for the Study of the New Testament, Vol.70, (1998), p.3-20.

      The abstract (p.20) reads :
      "The author attempts to pinpoint the date of the Shem -Tob type Matthean text by locating its theology within the history of
      Jewish Christianity. After delineating four theological motifs in Shem-Tob's Hebrew Matthew: (1) Exaltation of John the
      Baptist, (2) Continued relevance of the baptism of John, (3) Delayed inclusion of the Gentiles, (4) Delayed recognition of
      Jesus as Messiah, a comparison is made with the theologies of several Jewish groups mentioned in the New Testament and
      later Christian literature. Although the distinctive motifs in the Hebrew Matthew are generally represented within Jewish
      Christianity, no single group is a good candidate for publishing this text. A general date within the first four centuries,
      is therefore, suggested for the Shem-Tob text."

      Howard does not interact directly with the more recent work of Petersen, doubteless becasue of the delay of internet vs
      traditional publishing.

      Also of interest to those working in this general field may be another fairly recent article by Simon C. Mimouni, "Les
      Nazoreens recherches etymologique et historique", Revue Biblique, Vol.105.2, (1998), p.208-262.

      Those who are very fluent in French may wish to do those of us who are not so proficient a service by translating it into
      English. I am sure such a substantial article would be publishable in many English speaking theological journals, or even on
      the "net" (with the Mimouni's and Revue Biblique's permission of course). Any takers?
      Yours sincerely, Errol Smith.
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