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Re: tc-list Peterson on Howard's Shem Tob

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  • James Trimm
    ... that ... I am sorry for my error in my summary of Peterson s arguments. If I understand correctly then Peterson is pointing to a Latin text behind both
    Message 1 of 10 , Jun 30, 1998
      At 10:29 AM 6/30/98 -0700, you wrote:
      >James R. Adair wrote:
      >> Petersen does not argue that Shem Tob is a direct descendant of the Middle
      >> Dutch Gospel harmonies, but rather that ST and the Dutch harmonies share a
      >> recent common _Latin_ ancestor, which also explains ST's close association
      >> with Middle Italian gospel harmonies and an Arabic translation of the
      >> separate gospels _from Spain_ (the provenance of ST). For example, he
      >> says, "Shem-Tob's Hebrew Matthew is once again sharing a unique reading
      >> with a Western medieval harmonized gospel text (this time, the Middle
      >> Italian Tuscan Harmony) and Thomas.
      >OK..this makes sense, the "descendency" from the Dutch Harmony is
      >more rhetorical that accurate.
      > The issue, which we have been discussing on textcrit, is my position
      >characteristics of the Shem-Tob Matthew cannot be considered to have been
      >characteristics of a putative Hebrew Matthew that pre-dates the Greek
      >canonical version. I cannot speak about the characteristics of Du Tillet
      >and Munster since I have not read exemplars and will hold back my
      >strong impulse to declare that the canonical Gospel of Matthew never
      >had a Hebrew "original." From a form and source critical standpoint, I
      >just cant see it...but I have been surprised before and I even have been
      >wrong before...I think back in 1948 (g).

      I am sorry for my error in my summary of Peterson's arguments.
      If I understand correctly then Peterson is pointing to a Latin text behind
      both Shem-Tob and the Dutch text. Is this an extant Latin text or just a
      theoretical underlying text? Could the Latin text of which Peterson speaks
      of have been affected by an older text which was closely related to
      Shem-Tob? If the core of the Shem-Tob text is as ancient as Howard
      believes, should we be surprised to see readings from Shem-Tob appear in
      later versions? I am not sure that I see how any of this would disprove
      Howard's theory.

      James Trimm
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