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tc-list Re: OCLC and ARLIN

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  • Harold P. Scanlin
    ... American ... OCLC (= Online Computer Library Center; It used to be Ohio Consortium . . . , or something like that before it became a global service for
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 1998
      Petersen asked about OCLC and (A)RLIN:

      > On OCLC: I'm still curious what this is. If Lincoln is out there, I'd
      > appreciate a clarification. Rod, are you sure this is the Ohio system,
      > augmented? At Penn State, we have access to "RLIN" (the acronym is
      > something like "Research Libraries Interlibrary Network"), which is what
      > our Interlibrary Loan Dep't uses. It has a very broad sweep (only
      > libraries, however, but all the big ones), but its format is clearly
      > different from that of OCLC. It seems odd (and a waste of resources) to
      > maintain two, essentially identical, catalogues (OCLC, RLIN, and whatever
      > else may be out there [Worldcat, Library of Congress, etc.]). Is OCLC on
      > the web and, if so, what

      OCLC (= Online Computer Library Center; It used to be "Ohio Consortium . .
      . ," or something like that before it became a global service for online
      cataloging) provides online cataloging essentially following Library of
      Congress and MARC(2) format. It also offers ILL services. It includes LC
      records and seems to offer quick access to CIP (Cataloging in Publication)
      data from both US and other countries. OCLC is a service which has been
      available to subscribing libraries, although I know they have been working
      on a public access system, available for a fee on the Internet. Their
      website should provide further information.

      (A)RLIN offers more extensive bibliographic annotation, especially useful
      for earlier works and those for which full bibliographic description is
      important. In the case of Pasor, ARLIN records, if they exist, would be
      particularly useful. Unfortunately our ABS Library is not at present a
      member of the RLIN system. My (educated) guess is that OCLC has more
      records than ARLIN.

      Due to extensive renovations at Bible House here in NY, the ABS library is
      not currently accessible, so I am not able to see if ABS has the NT's. It
      should be open again in March, so if anyone wants me to check later, let me
      know offline. Meanwhile, the published catalog of the Landesbibliothek in
      Stuttgart would be quite helpful if they hold any of the testaments which
      purport to refer to Pasor. I, too, doubt if Pasor actually contributed
      editorially to the NT's in question, but the editions probably only take
      note of Pasor's lexicographical work.

      Harold P. Scanlin
      United Bible Societies
      1865 Broadway
      New York, NY 10023
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