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tc-list Literature on the *Pericope adulterae*

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  • William L. Petersen
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 25, 1998
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      Rod Mullen remarked:

      >In re the pericope of the woman caught in adultery, I've been reading a copy
      >of D. C. Parker's *LIVING TEXT OF THE GOSPELS* (just out with Cambridge
      >U.PR.) for a review. Parker devotes a very interesting chapter to the
      >textual ins and outs of the passage. --Rod Mullen

      Might I also draw attention to a chapter I contributed to the Baarda FS,
      which adduces textual evidence that the *pericope adulterae* circulated in
      the 2nd century, in a form similar to that which it now has in the Gospel
      of John (and not in the form found in the *Didascalia* nor, presumably, in
      Eusebius' report concerning Papias). The evidence also suggests that it
      *might* have been part of John in the second half of the second century
      (but then again, it might not have, for there is significant evidence
      against it--all presented and examined in the article).

      The reference is:

      "OUDE EGW SE [KATA]KRINW. John 8:11, the *Protevangelium Iacobi,* and the
      History of the *Pericope adulterae,* in *Sayings of Jesus: Canonical and
      Non-canonical,* edd. W.L. Petersen, J.S. Vos, H.J. de Jonge, Supplements to
      Novum Testamentum 89 (Leiden: Brill, 1997), pp. 191-221.

      --Petersen, Penn State University,
      Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies.
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