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Re: tc-list Ginsburgs MT is not BHS

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  • DSMynatt
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      << The
      Master Text that I was refering to was printed by the British and Foreign
      Bible Society in 1908 and later in 1926. It was done by a great scholar of
      his day by the name of Christian David Ginsburg. It is known in short as
      Ginsburg's master text.
      I would recommend that you get a copy as it has many footnotes that are not
      in the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia. >>

      Note, however, that Wurthwein, on p. 42 of the 1995 edition of The Text of
      The Old Testament says of the Ginsburg editions, "By far, the majority of the
      variants are trivial..." Nevertheless, I have found the Ginsburg editions
      valuable if for nothing else than to show the variety that exists within the

      Daniel Mynatt
      Anderson College
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