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  • Mike Bossingham
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 1997
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      As a computer scientist I too am drawn to algorithems.

      However, even as a undergraduate, I quickly came to realise that analysing
      vocabulary is not a good way of establishing style and authorship. It is so
      context sensitive. If vocabulary, in general, is a poor way, then within
      that looking at hapaxes is a really naf way, (sorry not an academic word
      there, buts that how a feel)

      For example, looking at Acts, a blind algorithem looking at hapaxes would
      throw up Acts 27 as suspect. However even a cursory glance would reveal
      that the action takes place on a ship and the hapaxes are nautical terms.

      If you want to work with algorithems, and I do, Bob, then look at word
      order and construction of sentances. In ancient languages authors had
      greater freedom to change word order and they certainly used that facility.
      I did some work 5 years ago that produced interesting results.

      Sorry about language and spellings, I dashed this off before rushing off to
      do my 10th Christmas Assembly.


      Mike Bossingham
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