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Re: latin phrases

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  • Matthew Johnson
    ... Yes, I do know. You are close. Preservatio continua is (I think) what you want. But it still sounds too much like a stilted translation from English.
    Message 1 of 2 , May 28, 1997
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      On Wed, 28 May 1997, Mr. Helge Evensen wrote:

      > I know this is a little bit outside of the area of TC, but I do not know
      > of a better place than this list to get exact knowledge of the following:
      > I have many weaknesses, and here is one of them: I cannot read Latin very
      > well! I am looking for the exact Latin equivalents to the English
      > expressions: "perpetual preservation" and "continual preservation".
      > There may be several alternatives. I am looking especially for the exact
      > *word order* in the Latin expressions. Is one possible alternative
      > "preservatio continuae"??
      > I do not know. Do you?
      Yes, I do know. You are close. "Preservatio continua" is (I think) what you
      want. But it still sounds too much like a stilted translation from

      Probably better: "salvatio perpetua" or "salvatio ad perpetuum", although
      these have a definite Medieval flavor. As you proposed, there are
      several alternatives.

      NB: "salvatio" does not mean _only_ salvation, although this is usually
      the first sense to come into mind when reading the Old Latin, the Vulgate,
      or the Latin Fathers.

      I would need to consult a lexicon to come up with better classical
      expressions. By the time I do so I expect several other responses to
      your question!

      Finally, Latin is almost insensitive to word order. There is a certain
      word order that is considered good Ciceronian, classical style, but
      it is not a _grammar_ rule, and is frequently disregarded even by good

      So for the above example "salvatio perpetua" or "perpetua salvatio" are
      exactly the same.

      Matthew Johnson
      Waiting for the blessed hope and the appearance of the glory of our
      great God and Saviour Jesus Christ (Ti 2:13).
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