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  • Robert B. Waltz
    TCers -- A friend of mine (an agnostic!) received this in his e-mail a few days back. I don t know what most people on this list will think, but I think it s
    Message 1 of 1 , May 20, 1997
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      TCers --

      A friend of mine (an agnostic!) received this in his e-mail a few days
      back. I don't know what most people on this list will think, but I
      think it's hilarious. (A million and a half people dead in Sodom and
      Gomorrah? How big do they think these cities were?) So I thought I'd
      let you folks get a laugh out of it to.

      As you can probably tell, I in no way endorse what is said here (even
      in the places where I agree with it :-)

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      }-> Subject: Mysteries of the Bible - Live on Tuesdays on the Web
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      }-> Status: O
      }-> ****** NOTE: There is no cost to enroll in this program.
      }-> To participate and for further information please
      }-> reply with the word "yes" in the subject line. ******
      }-> A N N O U N C E M E N T
      }-> Live on the Internet every Tuesday Night
      }-> "Mysteries of the Bible Revealed and Resolved"
      }-> Contrary to the popular opinion created by Time and
      }-> Newsweek, every historical event in the Tanakh can be found
      }-> in the archaeological and historical records of the Near
      }-> East when our revised chronology is taken into account.
      }-> All events from Sodom and Gomorrah, through the captivity
      }-> in Egypt, the subsequent conquest of the land of Canaan to
      }-> the story of Esther will be presented in its archaeological
      }-> and historical context and the Biblical account shown to be
      }-> completely accurate.
      }-> Every Tuesday night, one topic will be presented live on
      }-> the Internet starting in the next few days with visuals,
      }-> expert interaction and debate by all who wish to be
      }-> involved. Each topic will be presented to enable the widest
      }-> possible audience to understand and participate. Moderated
      }-> by experts in each field.
      }-> Please inform all your friends and ask them to send their
      }-> e-mail address to:
      }-> bible@...
      }-> for ongoing information.
      }-> Some topics to be covered include:
      }-> Creation vs. Evolution
      }-> Codes in the Torah.
      }-> Sodom & Gomorrah: 1.5 million bodies found!
      }-> The Famines of the Patriarchs - In Egyptian Records!
      }-> The Pyramids and The Sphinx, tombs or .......?
      }-> Kabbalah.
      }-> Who was the Pharaoh of the Exodus?
      }-> Dan, Dan, The Travelling Man
      }-> The Hyksos/The Israelites.
      }-> The Jericho Story: The Bible and the Archaeology match
      }-> at last.
      }-> The City of David found.
      }-> Solomon's Family - a son in Egypt!
      }-> Raiders of the Lost Ark: Found.
      }-> Hear Oh Israel, Where Oh Israel?...The Lost tribes...found.
      }-> Ezra and The Great Assembly?
      }-> The Aleph-Bais, alphabet or Holy Language?
      }-> Esther the truth at last.
      }-> The Dead Sea Scrolls, a mystery solved.
      }-> The Messiah in Prophesy and Reality.
      }-> The Times of the End.
      }-> etc.etc.etc.
      }-> Please note that the focus of this program is scholarly
      }-> rather than religious.



      Robert B. Waltz

      Want more loudmouthed opinions about textual criticism?
      Try my web page: http://www.skypoint.com/~waltzmn
      (A site inspired by the Encyclopedia of NT Textual Criticism)
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