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Re: text divisions of the Gospels

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  • Jean Valentin
    On Mar 29 Avr 1997 19:43, schmiul@uni-muenster.de ... Schriften ... points ... to ... (1551, ... Thanks for the reference from von Soden, I ll check it! ...
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 29, 1997
      On Mar 29 Avr 1997 19:43, schmiul@...
      <mailto:schmiul@...> wrote:

      > With respect to text divisions you should consult H. von Soden, Die
      > des Neuen Testaments..., I. Teil: Untersuchungen, I. Abteilung: Die
      > Textzeugen,
      > Goettingen, 1911, pp. 388-485. Following O. Schmid, Ueber verschiedene
      > Einteilungen der Heiligen Schrift, Graz, 1892, von Soden (pp. 476.483)
      > out that our modern chapter division goes back to Stephan Langton prior
      > 1206
      > AD, whereas our modern verse division goes back to Stephanus' editions
      > 1555).
      Thanks for the reference from von Soden, I'll check it!

      > The latin mumbers from the margin of your arabic MS seem to roughly
      > our
      > modern chapter division, as far as I understand. Since this modern
      > chapter division also made its way in some (late) Greek MSS, maybe it's
      > the
      > source for the arabic MS.
      Very roughly then... But my ms is much earlier, as it is (paleographically)
      dated from the Xth century.

      > BTW -- What is the date of your arabic MS? Are there different hands
      > detectable?
      > Do the marginal notes belong to the original scribe?
      The Arabic ms is from the Xth century. I haven't been able to determine if
      the marginal notes were of the same hand as the Arabic writing. I have only
      a microfilm (black and white...).
      As to the "latin" numerals, the "X" is written as it is sometimes in greek
      or even in coptic (a bit curved). Ideally, I should post a gif of a page,
      but for that I should find somebody with a scanner.

      > >(3) Other signs I haven't been able to read :
      > You should check von Soden.
      Definitely I will. I'll also check in the lectionaries as these could be
      liturgical marks.

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