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  • Professor L.W. Hurtado
    If readers of this list will check the exchanges, they will confirm that nothing has been said about anyone s qualifications (by which I presume those
    Message 1 of 20 , Apr 23, 1997
      If readers of this list will check the exchanges, they will confirm
      that nothing has been said about anyone's "qualifications" (by which
      I presume those alleging otherwise mean formal training in the
      field). I (and other working scholars in the field) have asked
      repeatedly for provision of evidence & argument in support of claims,
      and have asked it to be provided in a form such that it can be
      analyzed and considered. Thus, short summaries of one's views in a
      dictionary article (Web sit or otherwise) offer only summary
      statements, not defenses and justifications sufficient to establish a
      new or controversial view. So, nobody is asked Mr. Waltz or anyone
      else to enter some further degree programme. What I'm asking is that
      anyone seeking to engage in scholarly debate and controversy should
      do so in a scholarly manner: which means submitting full data and
      analysis in a form accessible to others, preferably "refereed"
      publication (which means a couple of scholars have given a
      preliminary judgment that a piece is worth the attention of busy
      scholars, which is a criterion all publishing scholars have to meet
      I'm also interested in knowing where Maurice Robinson's firmly held
      theory(ies?) about the early history of the text are likewise
      available for analysis. It's the *lack* of such availability that
      makes for scholars not taking notice of such views. How *can* one
      take notice when the theory is not published and available in a form
      one can evaluate? Now, sometimes things are so new that they haven't
      appeared yet. But such things get presented as conf. papers, and
      circulated among other scholars for preliminary assessment. Are such
      presentations of your views available, Dr. Robinson? Till a view has
      been circulated in some accessible form, and till it has been
      assessed by scholarly peers, a view has no status in scholarship.
      Nothing personal; it's just what we call scholarship instead of other
      forms of communication, such as rumor, unsupported assertions, trial
      balloons, whatever. Is that any clearer to all those souls about
      mean old scholars beating up on certain people? No conspiracy. Just
      a demand for ordinary scholarly standards and procedures to be met.
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