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Re: ATTN: LXX scholars--one text or many?

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  • Kent Smith
    ** Reply to note from Robert B. Waltz Tue, 4 Mar 1997 09:42:47 -0700 re: OT quotes in NT. The question raised as to text used in
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 5, 1997
      ** Reply to note from "Robert B. Waltz" <waltzmn@...> Tue, 4 Mar 1997 09:42:47 -0700
      re: OT quotes in NT. The question raised as to text used in quotes is very complicated.
      A few of the factors:
      As mentioned by others, there Greek text in NT times was quite diverse and we probably
      do not any "pure" examples of any of the versions or recensions that were in use. The best
      we can say is that a quote approaches Aquilla, etc.
      Although the Hebrew was settling into what we recognize as the MT, there were other
      alternatives available, to say nothing of the Targums.
      We need to distinquish between actual quotes, introduced by a one of a number of
      standard words and phrases and allusions. Allusions are often reworded or only approximated
      to suit the argument at hand. True quotations appear to have been directly copied from some
      source and usually are very close to some version we recognize.
      We may not always have the original text being quoted -- possible examples: I Cor 15:45
      is not really quoting Gen 2:7, I Cor 3:19 |= Job 5:13. These, and others are possibly quoting
      texts other than our known versions of "Biblical" books.
      Although I've been working on this issue, I'm not anywhere close to saying a Percentage.
      I tend to follow the common wisdom that most of the quotes are from a greek text of one sort
      or another, although I have a few examples where the MT is the closest.

      Kent Smith. West Side Presbyterian Church. Ridgewood, NJ
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