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8465On-line Semitic NT Textual Criticism Book

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  • James Trimm
    Mar 28, 2002
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      Textual Criticism of the
      Semitic New Testament

      By James Scott Trimm

      As many of you know I have been writing a free on-line book laying out my theory of the textual criticism
      of the New Testament.  This theory demonstrates a Hebrew and Aramaic origin for the New Testament. 
      I have not completed all of the chapters, however the chapters that are up at this point do give a complete
      structure to the theory with evidence to support all of its major points.

      This book demonstrates that Matthew was originally written in Hebrew and that the Shem Tob, DuTillet and Munster Hebrew texts of Matthew are representatives descending from that original Hebrew text.  Furthermore this Hebrew served as a basis for an Aramaic translation of Matthew represented by the Old Syriac Version of Matthew.

      The two Old Syriac manuscripts of the four Gospels are representatives of an Original Aramaic version of the Gospels (except Matthew, which had been translated from Hebrew into this Aramaic).  This original Aramaic served as a basis for the Greek Western text represented by Codex Bezae (Codex D).  This text was the oldest, most primitive and most Semitic type.  The other Greek text types represent a revision of the Greek towards a more idiomatic, flowing Greek text.  Finally the Peshitta New Testament was a revision of the original (Old Syriac) Aramaic which brought the Aramaic into closer conformity with the Majority Greek text.

      See the documented evidence.

      Go to:  http://www.nazarene.net/hantri/

      and then click on:  Hebrew/Aramaic Textual Criticism

      Feel free to email me your comments at jstrimm@...

      Also see Hebraic-Roots Version New Testament

      James Trimm