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8442[tc-list] Re: Swanson's Galatians and NA

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  • U.B.Schmid
    Apr 11, 2000
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      Is Swanson's error list of the NA/UBS products from his edition of Gal
      electronically available? I don't have the copy here at hand and would prefer to
      see the data on my own before publicly interacting.

      BTW-- I hope Swanson's new lists contain fewer items that are "MISLEADING AND
      INCORRECT" when compared to his lists in the Acts-volume. Just to mention the
      most stupid ones: His list of errors from UBS4 actually refers to UBS3. Swanson
      gives readings from H (014) in his error list of NA27, but the manuscript is not
      found in the NA witness list for Acts. Moreover, H (014) is supplemented at Acts
      1,1-5,28 by a 15./16. cent. hand, yet Swanson makes no distinction.

      Mr. Gary S. Dykes wrote in part:

      > The NA editions and the UBS editions, and the ANTF use films and prior
      > collations. They even rely (apparently in some instances) upon Von Soden
      > (per a letter to me). Some of the films at Munster are very poor (such as
      > their copy of MS 1115), and earlier posts to this list (from Munster folks)
      > state that their original data tapes (with digital databases) are not
      > readable. So both the UBS editions, the NA editions and the ANTF editions
      > are corrupt. In my research and as Reuben shows (especailly in Acts and
      > Galatians) too many errors exist in these works. I cannot at this time give
      > you an accurate error rate but 5% seems certain.

      Gary, why do you place so much confidence in Swanson's compilation of errors
      from NA/UBS products in his Acts-volume? Have you double-checked his lists?
      What error rate in Swanson's lists would you tolerate? If I would judge
      Swanson's work by the UBS4 error list in Acts, I could conclude that he missed
      almost 100%. Please, note I'm not saying Swanson didn't spot errors in NA. He
      simply exagerated his case to an extent that is hardly justifying to use his
      work as a model of scrutinity and reliability.

      Dr. Ulrich Schmid

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