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8441[tc-list] Re: Swanson's Galatians and NA

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  • Wieland Willker
    Apr 11 2:08 AM
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      Gary Dykes wrote:
      > Perhaps you would be so kind as to demonstrate a few of these errors you
      > found in Swanson's group "a". Until I can examine your claims I cannot
      > accept them.

      I never stated that I've found errors in Swanson's group-a. Why do you think
      so? I just said that I do not consider his group-a listings really
      NA-errors. They are omissions of witnesses in NA and I agree that this is
      inconsistent. But I do not consider this a REAL error. An error ( for me) is
      only a wrongly cited witness (group-d listings).

      Best wishes

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