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802Re: "thief"

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  • Carlton L. Winbery
    Jul 3, 1996
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      Jim West wrote;
      >Is it ever possible to translate "lhsths (lestes)" as "thief"; or is
      >"brigand; terrorist" or some other "non thief" rendering possible?
      >Thanks for your help
      >(I am asking because I was blasted by a church person who said "two theives
      >were crucified with Jesus, not two terrorists"; and am trying to get some
      >other opinions to share- I realize this is somewhat outside the intention of
      >this forum- but your help is greatly appreciated).
      The more common word for what we think of as stealing, taking what is not
      one's own, etc is KLEPTW and its derivitives. LS emphasizes the meanings
      of LHSTEUW as to rob, be a pirate, plunder, etc. A LHSTHRION is a band of
      pirates, etc. hence, a LHSTHS is one who is a plunderer, robber, etc.
      This could cover those whom Josephus mentions who were seeking to cause
      revolt and were forced out into the wilderness to plunder and pillage to
      support themselves. Keep in mind though that such words tend to be used as
      synonyms especially by non-native speakers. Check the dictionaries and
      commentaries on Barabbas, whom Origen mentioned as in some mss as IHSOUS

      Carlton L. Winbery
      Prof. Religion
      LA College, Pineville, La
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