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7684[tc-list] Re: LXX

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  • Robert B. Waltz
    Dec 28, 1999
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      On 12/28/99, Gregory J. Woodhouse wrote:

      >Very interesting. Wht can be said about similarities between NT
      >mss. (which?) and LXX mss. here?

      It's very hard, based on what I've seen, to correlate NT text-types
      with LXX readings.

      However, I've read -- and what I've seen in Paul seems to support
      this -- that the NT more often quotes the readings of the A text
      of LXX than the B text. (This is based just on Rahlfs, I'm afraid.)
      That is, the LXX text circulating in NT times seems not to be the
      "Old Greek" as originally translated, but rather the somewhat
      revised later versions.

      Come to think of it, this *might* have been what the original
      poster's source's original source said. Not that the NT quotes
      the Hebrew, but that the NT quotes the LXX texts which have been
      revised based on the Hebrew.


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