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7681[tc-list] RE: the text of the gospels in 2nd c.

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  • Kevin W. Woodruff
    Dec 28, 1999
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      P77 and p45 for Matthew, P45 of Mark, P45 and 75 for Luke and P52, P66, P45,
      P75 and P90 for John all fall within the second century

      Others may disagree but Philip Wesley's Comfort's book _The Quest for the
      Orginal Text of the New Testament_ (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1992) may worth


      At 01:56 PM 12/28/1999 -0500, you wrote:
      >I was wondering if anyone could point me to good secondary sources
      >concerning the nature of the text of the four gospels in the second century
      >CE. I need some general information about this, for a footnote in a work on
      >a related subject (the use of the term euaggelion in Ireneaus' _Against
      >Heresies_) and have just read conflicting assessments in two articles
      >collected in the volume _Gospel Traditions in the Second Century_, by
      >Koester (very fluid) and Wisse (rather fixed). However, I do not have enough
      >background in NT textual criticism to confidently assess their arguments. Is
      >there a general, scholarly consensus on this matter or is it argued? Or,
      >since there are no manuscripts extant from that century (except the very
      >tiny P54), is the issue discussed only in a purely speculative fashion?
      >Thank you in advance for your help.
      >Best wishes,
      >Annette Yoshiko Reed
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