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7621RE: tc-list UBS4 typos

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  • Stephen C. Carlson
    Dec 8, 1999
      At 11:34 AM 12/8/99 -0500, Phil Long wrote:
      >> I've got the second printing. Is there a typo, page 158, s.v. Mark 10:1,
      >> n.1, in the apparatus, where MS "2747" is cited as support for the reading
      >> KAI PERAN -- instead of MS 2427? If so, is this one corrected in the
      >> third printing?
      >I have the 2nd printing, (1994), I read 2474 as supporint KAI PERAN.

      How embarrassing of me to make a typo in a post about typos! Yes,
      you are indeed correct.

      Is there anyone with the third printing who would check to see if these
      typos have been corrected?

      Stephen Carlson
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