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  • Mr. Gary S. Dykes
    Dec 8, 1999
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      Dear P. Long,

      First greetings to a Grace Bible College professor, may your tribe increase!

      No complete list of errors exist here on American soil. There are two types
      of errors -- typo and errors in reading their MSS (collation errors).

      Dr. Swanson has tabulated close to 1,000 errors in his works, notably in his
      appendices to Acts, and Galatians, unfortunately his collection of errors in
      the gospels has not been published. You might also refer to his article in
      the journal HARVARD THEOLOGICAL REVIEW, #61, 1968
      page 39ff.

      I have kept a few short lists, but gave up as I noticed over the years that
      the Institute was not correcting its new editions. In their letters of
      thanks to me, they acknowledged receipt of some of the errors I assisted
      them with, but they made no changes.

      In fact one of their prominent collators, told that he (i.e. they) had no
      qualms in using Von Soden's work in their readings!! If I recall they just
      simply reuse old collations over and over. Some of their newer work is
      improving, especially when they reexamine their labors. Their errors are
      also copied into their other data bases (such as the ANTF). I hope they
      clean up their work before investing in digital archiving of their past
      labors. Do not misunderstand me, I support the work in Munster, but I demand
      accuracy. It is a long and probably costly process to correct years and
      years of collations by various scholars and students, I hope they do it.

      For now, purchase your own films and do your own collations, and or triple
      check published editions, but do not blindly trust any.

      To date, Tregelles' edition and Tischendorf's 8th are very reliable, and
      Swanson's is being perfected and should become the standard for accuracy in
      the next millennium. The IGNTP work on John so far is excellent.

      As said before, these are my opinions for your information. Others will
      disagree in various ways.

      at your service,
      Mr. Gary S. Dykes
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